Tonight, ABC airs the finale of The Bachelor.  It’s been an interesting season from Morgan’s webbed toes to Hillary’s meltdown.  Brad dated the good (Sheena), the bad (McCarten), and the ugly (we’ll let you be the judge).  Now, he is left with Jenni and DeAnna but before making his final decision, he’ll bring each girl home to meet his family.  I spent most of the season thinking he’d choose Jenni but tonight, I think it’s going to be DeAnna.  Still, I’ve been going back and forth all day long.  Jenni or DeAnna?  DeAnna or Jenni?  It’s time to find out and I’m here with live thoughts, updating throughout the hour.  Read on to find out who Brad chooses!

Brad stands on a balcony contemplating who he should choose while waiting for his family.  People do that all the time, don’t they?  Brad’s twin, Chad, and his parents show up at the house.  He runs them through the two women.

DeAnna shows up first for a meal with Brad’s fam.  Pam, Brad’s mom, notices how excited he is to be around her.  I agree.  Mama Womack takes DeAnna aside and cuts right to the chase.  She asks if she’s in love with him and if she’s expecting a proposal.  No time for small talk with the Womacks!  DeAnna wasn’t there for long and it’s already time for her to go.  On the way out, Brad gets pushed in the pool.  Doesn’t he have a microphone on?

Jenni arrives soon after to meet Brad’s family.  He seems just as excited to see her as he was to see DeAnna.  It’s hard to tell who he’s going to pick.  Pam creates an awkward moment, asking Jenni if she told Brad she loved him.  The answer is no and he’s sitting right there!  Jenni recovers as best she can but Pam takes her for a one-on-one chat.  She’s trying a little too hard with Mama Womack and giggles non stop.  I’ll cut her some slack.  It’s an awkward situation.  After a little football, she heads home.

What’s up with the slow jam in the background as he walks with his mom?  He has the conversation every Bachelor has – he doesn’t want to hurt either girl and he can’t decide which one he wants to marry.  Is this why these relationships never work out?  Would you want to marry someone who really was so unclear about which girl he loved more?

The women get one last chance to impress Brad, which means telling him they love him and maybe spending the night with him.  With DeAnna, they talk about life down the road and how they’ll handle future problems. like handling the toilet seat being left up and where the dishes will be put away.  Jenni steps up her game during her time with Brad, crying and telling him what a great catch she is.  She gives him a gift, a journal of her feelings about him.  The waterworks are a-flowin’!

Jenni’s out of the limo first to meet with Brad one last time.  Uh oh.  Getting out of the limo first is not a good sign.   Yeah, it’s not a good sign.  He just told her he wants something more and she’s in tears.  It’s always hard to watch.  She’s embarrassed and he’s trying to comfort her but there’s really nothing anyone can say to make that situation better for her.   They say their goodbyes and she really loses it as the limo drives away.

Didn’t the commercials point to DeAnna this whole time?  She’s walking to him now and he says in his interview that he’s more nervous to propose to her than he was to break up with Jenni.  What is he doing?  He is taking a lap around and he’s making us all nervous!  No proposal for DeAnna.  He said he can’t tell her that he loves her.  WHAT!  This is madness!  He just dumped her too!  WHAT!!!!!!  I am in shock. 

He walks her back to the limo and she tells him that he’ll regret this decision.  Maybe he will, maybe he won’t.  A lot of women had to get hurt on this show and he didn’t choose any of them.  A while back, we wrote a story that he was talking to his ex while filming this show.  What just happened here really solidifies that.

Tomorrow, Jenni and DeAnna reunite with Brad and confront him about one of the most shocking Bachelor finales of all time!  We’ll have live thoughts tomorrow night – don’t miss it!

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