Long after their respective seasons of Survivor are over, contestants live on in our hearts, in all their reality glory.  When the cameras are turned off and their microphones taken from them, former Survivors travel around the country meeting fans out at nightclubs, conventions, and charity events.  Former contestants of the hit CBS  show have been some of the most accessible and friendly people to appear on reality television.  They’re also always eager to lend a helping hand to a charity or organization that needs it most.  Next month, over 45 former contestants will come together to play some dodgeball for a good cause.

The 1st Annual Reality Castaways Dodgeball Tournament will take place in Long Island on December 8.  The event was put together by Cook Islands contestants Billy Garcia and Cristina Coria.  “Cristina and I have been talking about doing our own event for a while,” Garcia told BuddyTV.  “The two of us see each other all the time at various events around the country.  We were saying how we wanted a game to be the centerpiece of the event that would allow Survivors to do what they do best – make fools of themselves!” 

The event is put on in conjunction with Reality 4 Diabetes, benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.  Reality 4 Diabetes has worked with contestants from various reality shows including The Amazing Race and Big Brother, as well as Survivor.  The dodgeball tournament boasts 48 Survivors participating from different seasons.  “I’m pretty popular with past Survivors, most of them anyways. It’s not easy organizing 48 Survivors. But I’m crazy and that helps,” joked Garcia.  Rupert Boneham, Big Tom Buchanan, and Lex van den Berghe from Survivor: All Stars will be in attendance.  Fans can expect to see many familiar faces among the players.

Fans can choose tickets of different price levels and perks.  A $100 ticket will get a fan into the event and after party but for $150 and $200, you can play either against the Survivors or with them on a team.  Garcia promises that this will not be your typical reality event!  The 1st Annual Reality Castaways Dodgeball Tournament is happening December 8 at The Sports Center in Lake Grove, NY.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of CBS)

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV