Now that the ladies of The Bachelor are getting comfortable, they’re letting their true colors shine. Some are bright and cheery, while others? They’re a little shady. To prove the point, ABC has released two deleted scenes illustrating the full spectrum of bachelorette energy. 

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Selma Loves Cooking

First, they give us sweet, lovely Selma, who spends her free time productively cooking for her housemates instead of sulking over lost moments with Sean. According to Selma, she tells the other girls, “Whatcha want? Baby, I got it.” 

There’s so much to love about this. It shows that Selma is creative, skilled, kind and generous. We all know that great food is a way to a man’s heart, but she’s not just bribing Sean with promises of carrot cake in their future. She’s making meals for the other girls, breaking bread with the supposed “enemies.” No wonder the other ladies seem to like her. 

Oh, and the unintentional Aretha Franklin nod is golden. Selma knows that when you give respect, you get it. Good for her. Sean should be so lucky as to put a ring on her.

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Desiree’s Thoughts on Amanda

Then there’s the extra footage of drama simmering between Amanda and Desiree. As we all saw on Monday’s episode, these two won’t be baking cupcakes for each other anytime soon. Amanda’s icy stare cuts right through Desiree and leaves her reaching for a blanket. Obviously, Amanda’s embracing her villain role, charming Sean with a smile and then giving the ladies her death glare. That doesn’t mean Desiree has to dwell on it, though. Take a note from Selma, girl! Learn to make a quiche or something. Maybe take up canning. 

Desiree doesn’t seem keen on redirecting her energy, though. She enjoys hating on Amanda, gossiping to Kacie about Amanda’s weird vibe. Of course, as we learned on Monday’s episode (spoiler alert!), Kacie wasn’t a good person to confide in. Kacie trotted right to Sean to tattle on dramatic Amanda and Desiree, and the plan backfired, revealing Kacie as a meddler and confirming Sean’s suspicions that they’re better off as friends. Kacie was sent packing, while Amanda and Desiree were given another episode to stir up drama (and ratings). 

If they keep up the hating, though, it won’t be long before they take each other down and both leave rose-less. Clearly, Amanda’s days are numbered, but it seems like Desiree stands a chance if she takes the high road. I wonder if she will. 

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