Cynthia is judging a beauty event that she refers to as “New York Fashion Week for hair.” Kenya shows up for support. Cynthia and Kenya have gotten closer and Cynthia fully supports Kenya’s “Stallion Booty” workout video. It’s pretty brilliant. Would you choose a donkey booty or a stallion booty? Exactly.

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Glam-Mother Gets Handy

NeNe and Gregg try to put together Bri’s crib. It always seems like it’ll be easy until the box gets opened and each instruction step has nonsensical numbers and letters. They decide to just take a break from the stressful assembling so that NeNe can coo all over her little glam-baby.

Breaking News — Straight from the Salon

Kandi’s trip to the salon ends up bringing the whole “stallion vs. donkey” debacle to light. She has no idea that Kenya was planning to steal Phaedra’s idea, and in the middle of her appointment, she calls Phaedra to break the news. Phaedra is predictably pissed. They talk about Kenya’s lumpy booty for a spell. And then Kandi makes it clear that she doesn’t really want to get involved (nice timing, since now you already are!), but she feels she needs to approach Kenya about the whole thing. 

Kiddie Catwalk

Cynthia has a show coming up and she’s casting some children for the runway. She’s all business, even with the kids. She expects professionalism and hard work with each and every one of them. Phaedra and Apollo show up with Ayden and try to get him to strut his stuff. Unsuccessfully. He’s way too young for this. He cries for his mommy and stumbles over to her. Porsha attends the practice as well and has a blast watching the kids. 

The three ladies have a chat outside, and Porsha is psyched that Phaedra is pissed at Kenya for stealing her idea. Yay, let’s gang up, y’all! Phaedra starts claiming that Kenya might have a drinking problem, a chemical imbalance or might possibly be bipolar and how it all makes sense with her recent behavior. Way to take the low and classless road on that one, Phaedra. Cynthia is also uncomfortable with Phaedra’s accusations because this is just business, and she shouldn’t take it so far.

Kandi Calls Kenya Out

Kandi feels the need to ask Kenya about the stallion booty deal, because she feels like Kenya is stealing Phaedra’s idea and screwing her over. Kenya goes through the whole ordeal with the donkey booty video once again and Kandi acts like she wasn’t aware of any of it. Kenya explains that the distribution deal she secured for Phaedra is still on the table, and since she’s no longer working with Phaedra, why not make her own video? 

Booty Shoppin’

Phaedra has a meeting with the same production company that worked with Jane Fonda on her workout videos. These guys are pros, yet seem very uncomfortable discussing the workouts. Apollo gets up to give them a taste of the routines they’ll be going through in the actual workout. It’s awkward and just too .. Phaedra and Apollo. I’m sure you know what I mean. 

Cynthia’s Show

Cynthia’s adorable daughter, Noelle, is in the show as well. The ladies are in attendance and they have a great time watching these kids strut down the runway. Young kids! They all do an excellent job. Even Ayden goes down the runway. He’s on daddy’s shoulders the whole time, but he does it! After the show, Kenya and NeNe catch up. Kenya fills her in on the drama. NeNe speaks candidly and says that she doesn’t like “donkey” and “donkey” isn’t cute. I love that. It doesn’t matter to her who is on whose side. Phaedra walks up and the verbal scuffle begins. “That’s mine! That’s mine!” Ugh. They go back and forth a bit, and Kenya exits with her signature twirl.

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