Surya Yalamanchili was eliminated from The Apprentice: LA tonight.  The two teams were given the task of creating a halftime show for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team in the MLS.  The halftime show was for GNC (General Nutritiuon Centers) and the team who best promoted GNC, while keeping their show entertaining, would win the task.

Surya was Project Manager for Team Arrow, and it was clear from the start that everyone on Arrow had grown sick of Surya and his “old man” ways.  Surya just didn’t fit in with the rest of Arrow, filled with loose, outgoing, fun-loving people.  He was uptight and, while there’s nothing wrong with that for some groups, it didn’t play with the members of Team Arrow.  Nonetheless, Arrow’s halftime show, a mock boxing match where a regular garners strength from GNC multivitamins, was the brainchild of Tim Urban. 
The faux-boxing match had too long of a story and didn’t really engage the viewer.  The GNC marketing VP who was there to judge the task didn’t think Arrow’s “product integration” was very good, and awarded the task victory to Kinetic.  Team Kinetic had a vitamin race, with vitamin’s overcoming metaphoric “obstacles”.  It was simple, informative and entertaining. 

At the boardroom, Surya made a plat to get James Sun fired because of what Surya called “disloyalty”.  He believed James has a tendency to cover his ass on the challenges by calling into question the team’s plan once they’ve committed to something, allowing him leeway when it comes to the boardroom.  Trump felt this was a flimsy excuse and ultimately blamed Surya for Arrow’s loss and fired him.

We’ll be back tomorrow for an interview with Surya.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV