Samantha Francis, the nineteen year old country girl from Alabama, became the second woman eliminated on Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model last night.  Tyra Banks and company weren’t too pleased with her photshoot, where she portrayed the Girl with the Bad Reputation to go along with the high school theme, and sent her home.  Samantha was kind enough to talk with BuddyTV this morning.

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Can you tell us a little bit about your modeling experience prior to going on America’s Next Top Model?

(Laughs) Really, there wasn’t a lot.  I took some pictures with a friend of mine who had a photography class in college and other than that, I’ve never done any modeling.

So what inspired you to go on the show and what was the casting process like for you?

I’ve always wanted to be a model and I’ve watched every cycle of Top Model and I just finally decided to go and try out.  My boyfriend actually told me I should go to Atlanta for casting instead of sending in a tape and I did that.  I stood in line for hours and finally and finally got to make my tape for Tyra in Atlanta and went to casting week with the 33 or 32 girls…I can’t remember how many were there…and then we were interviewed and we went into panel and from that, they choose who goes in to the house and that was pretty much the process.

You have mentioned you are from a small town and called yourself a “country girl.” Had you had much opportunity to travel prior to going on the show?

Um, yeah.  I’ve been places.  Before the show I’ve never been to Calilfornia or anywhere up north, but yeah, I’ve had the opportunity to go…I mean, I’m sure if I wanted to come out here or go to New York or anywhere to further modeling, my parents would have definitely paid for me to go.  I just didn’t feel like I was old enough to do that yet. 

What was your impression of and exposure to the fashion world before going on the show?

It was really the same as I view it now.  Very fast paced, very stressful in a way.  But, being on the show let me experience first hand. 

Did you have a favorite shoot or event?

I really liked my first photo shoot where I portrayed a lesbian couple and our wedding.  It was really exciting for that being my first photo shoot – like professional – with the photographer being Nigel, I think that was really awesome.  The first time I experienced something like that, to have an amazing photographer.

What was most challenging for you being on the show?

The most challenging was probably being away from home.  I have a boyfriend of over two years and it was just really tough being away from that comfort zone because we see each other almost every day and talk on the phone a few times a day.  And when you’re in the house, you have one phone and you don’t have a TV or a computer and you have very limited contact with your family.

Did you feel that Miss J and Jay Manuel gave you useful feedback?

Yeah, I really do.  I take all advice to heart definitely.  Jay knows what he’s doing in directing the shoots.  There are some things that he said that kind of brought me out of what I was focusing on, but everything he did say I tried to take it to heart and tried to work with what he was telling me to do.  And Miss J, of course, who can’t benefit from someone teaching them how to walk the runway…because I need all the help I can get in that area.

(Interview conducted by Royce Yuen)

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