Here we are again with an in depth investigation of the hidden images and connections from LOST ‘Enter 77’.  This episode offered some incredible challenges, among them a language riddle that holds a ton of meaning to the characters on the episode.  So let’s dive right in with that, shall we?

The biggest mystery presented was the mysterious Russian text found in Patchy’s bungalow.  What did the text say, exactly?  Here comes the answer:



The general impression is we are reading somebody’s memoirs, but are they the memoirs of Patchy, or is patchy pretending to be somebody else?  

Read on for more startling revelations!

Easter Egg Roundup #2


A small piece of the map Sayid recovered from “The Flame”.  Note the dotted line?  That is probably the security fence seen in the previews for next week.  I theorize this fence is to keep smokey out,  not people.  We will soon find out.

Easter Egg Roundup #3


Part two of the diagram.  If you look in the lower left, you’ll see what appears to be a cable running to a dotted line.  Is the dotted line the beach?  Is that Sayid’s mysterious cable from season one?

Easter Egg Roundup #4


Is that the same cat?  Closer examination would seem to indicate that the facial markings are distinctly different.  Of course the cat was really a metaphor for Sayid’s situation with his new prisoner:  will Patchy be the cat in the box that was tortured?  Or the one that was saved, and given a chance at a new life?

Easter Egg Roundup #5


Alas, Marvin Candle did not get to ‘orient’ us on the Flame station, but he did give us a slightly more obvious look at his obviously fake arm.  Since the ‘hostiles’ are mentioned here, we can assume that Candle lost his arm during the ‘purge’.