This episode of The Gifted, titled “eXtreme measures,” picks up where the previous episode left off. Marcos has been left with a difficult decision to make: stay with the underground or fall back into old ways to protect those around him. Meanwhile, John helps Clarice find people from her past, and Lauren learns the truth about her new boyfriend. Everyone learns that pasts can’t always be ignored.

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Marcos’ First Meeting with Lorna and John

This episode of The Gifted starts with a flashback to Marcos joining the mutant underground. He meets John and Lorna at a diner, where they make it clear they want him to join. It would certainly beat running a few mutants over the Mexican border part-time and running drugs. Marcos isn’t sure but mostly because he is dating his drug boss’ daughter.

In the present day, Marcos is still on the phone to Carmen. She makes it clear that she expects him to live up to his end of the deal. After the call, Marcos pulls out a memory box, pulling a small pendant of the Patron Saint of Death out. Lorna later realizes that this is missing, and it tells her exactly where Marcos has gone.

Lauren Learns the Truth About Wes

The mutant underground is starting to run out of supplies. There are more mutant refugees coming in, but it’s harder to get them across the border with Sentinel Services stepping up their border patrols. Marcos uses the excuse of supplies to meet with Carmen.

Meanwhile, Lorna trains the younger mutants, while Reed and Sage try to decrypt the stolen hard drives. Some of the encryption is deeper than others, which suggests there is something to hide. When Reed does decrypt a hard drive, he finds police reports. Sentinel Services has been cherry picking mutants based on mutant abilities. While looking through reports, he finds one about Wes.

Reed takes his information to Kate, who is in the middle of teaching two children biology with pea trees. Kate wants her husband to give Lauren the benefit of the doubt and talk to her about Wes before splitting them up. However, Reed isn’t too sure. He’s especially annoyed when he finds out that she isn’t at training like she should be.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Wes get to know each other better. Lauren starts to gain feelings for him, as he takes her up to the roof (which is against the rules) and creates the look of mountain valleys below.

When Lauren sees her parents, she understands why they don’t want her dating a mutant, but she wants to enjoy her life. Reed and Kate show Lauren the police file on Wes. She refuses to believe them and claims that Reed is just doing the job he always has and has a blind distrust for mutants.

Lauren finally decides to ask Wes about his past, and he admits to it. She’s not sure whether to trust him anymore.

As for Reed, he needs to find out what this could mean for Wes’ position in the mutant underground. Sage explains that certain crimes instantly exclude mutants from the group, but others just have to be truthful. It’s clear that Wes has never been truthful, so he could be kicked out. Reed encourages Wes to tell the truth, no matter the consequences. When Wes does tell them, the mutant leaders decide to accept his apology, but he decides to leave with a group the next morning.

Marcos Gets Involved in His Past

Carmen tells Marcos that she just needs his help with the destruction of a shipment of drugs. He won’t need to kill anyone, just use his powers to help them get the drugs. Marcos agrees to help out but isn’t happy with the plan. It ends up involving killing but at the hands of another mutant.

Lorna and Dreamer use their abilities to get to the cartel’s house and find out Marcos’ location. However, they get to the location just as Marcos is destroying the drugs and receives a kiss from Carmen. Angrily, Lorna leaves with Dreamer.

Back at HQ, Marcos returns with some supplies. Lorna catches him in a lie, and Marcos finally tells him the full truth about why he went to Carmen.

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Clarice Learns Where Her Portals Led To

With Sentinel Services stepping up border control, John goes in search for Clarice to keep her safe. When he finds her in a warehouse with a tipped-up can of soup, he asks for her to return with him. Clarice refuses to go back to the underground, since she wants to find that road she kept opening the portal to. The problem is she can’t remember what it looked like, since she was unconscious the majority of the time. Sentinel Services has also covered up any information about the day she kept opening the portal.

John suggests that Clarice search for a place she once felt safe, as it’s what animals do when injured or in danger. Clarice tells a story of a farm house she grew up in. As mutants, they were all hidden, but she did feel safe when there. By the time they get there, Clarice learns that Sentinel Services had been there and likely killed the owners of the farm house. Clarice blames herself, as her portals brought Sentinel Services to the area, and now she is ready to join the feet.

Jace and Dr. Campbell Continue Their Working Relationship

Jace falls deeper down the rabbit hole with Dr. Campbell. Since surveillance on the mutants isn’t working, Dr. Campbell wants to put the mutant assets undercover. The Department of Justice refuses to allow it to happen. While Jace may view the mutants as terrorists, the DoJ points out that attempts to suppress the Catholics in the 1950s and Muslims in the 2000s wasn’t approved by the Senate. This isn’t going to be approved now.

Dr. Campbell isn’t happy with that, and one of his mutants causes the woman from the DoJ to collapse. While the DoJ may not give up, Jace and Dr. Campbell have a few weeks to get mutant assets to infiltrate the underground. At the very end, Jace meets the mutants that Dr. Campbell is holding, with a large enough group to help them win the war against mutants.

At the very end of this episode, Sage shares all the information she pulled from the hard drives. All she has is information about the mutants who were chosen, with Pulse being one of the first. There is no information about where they were taken because the program the mutants were chosen for wasn’t governmental. It was run by a private military contractor, Trask Industries. Reed’s father worked there, and now he’s not sure if his father was involved in it.

Do you think Reed’s father knows about the mutant program? Can Lorna and Marcos find the path back to each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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