This season of The Amazing Race has been very entertaining. There have been challenges involving pancakes and jumping off a cliff into the ocean. (And yes, the pancake one was my favorite.) Phil Keoghan also introduced The Save, which was won by Misti and Jim Raman, the married dentists with the incredibly dazzling smiles. If they come in last on an elimination leg of the race, they can turn in The Save and keep on racing. Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks, the married surfers, won the Express Pass.

On the previous leg of The Amazing Race, dating couple Isabelle Du and Dennis Hour were the last to check in with Phil in England, and they were eliminated. So who will take the lead on this leg of the race? Let’s find out!

Shetland Islands Bound

This week’s episode, “Get Your Sheep Together,” kicks off with Bethany and Adam departing Oxford, England, first after getting the new clue. Teams are headed to the Shetland Islands, Scotland. First, racers will travel by rail to Aberdeen, Scotland, where they will drive aboard a ferry to reach the Shetland Islands. Once there, they must locate a puffin by the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. Misti and Jim depart next, and Jim is still upset about coming in second place on the previous leg. Jim needs to chill out a bit, in my opinion.

Fateful Fall

In another bout of bad luck, one of the firefighters, Scott, falls as they are heading off to the station and injures his ankle. Kym and Alli buck the trend of staying by the rail station office, instead choosing to dance and sing along the streets of England in the middle of the night, until they reach a pub. I am certain that they talked strategy during this entire adventure.

All nine teams board the same train and later take the same ferry. Scott’s ankle has gotten worse and is now swollen and discolored. Yikes! Scott and Mike are determined to stay in the race by working together.

Dancing Puffin

Amy and Maya and Michael and Scott find the dancing puffin mascot first and receive the next clue. Teams are headed to Scalloway Castle. Te Jay and Tim get lost and end up on the wrong side of the island. During their drive, Keith and Whitney fondly recall how they fell in love three years ago on Survivor. They are the first to reach the creepy castle and the clue box. It is a Detour. Teams must either “Pony Up,” or “Light My Fire.” In “Pony Up,” teams must cut 50 blocks of peat using a special instrument, called a tushka. With the help of a Shetland pony, they must deliver all of the peat to a farmer to get the next clue. In “Light My Fire,” teams must build a Viking torch and have it approved.

Pony Up

Misti and Jim are the first to arrive at the pony challenge, followed by Shelley and Nici and Bethany and Adam. Jim, naturally, enjoys explaining how this physical task is nothing for him because he is strong. Sometimes, I wish that Jim came with a mute button so I could lower down the arrogance level. Getting the peat, and the pony, up the hillside to the farm house is apparently very tricky with the rough terrain. While Jim and Misti do well on the first trip, their pony stages a revolt and tries to get away from them. Soon, all the ponies are bucking and charging at the teams.

Playing with Fire

Keith and Whitney decide to build a torch, along with Robbie and Brooke, who actually find this challenge on the way to the peat-cutting contest. Soon, the rest of the teams arrive. This challenge looks harder than it sounds, and each step must be approved before the teams can continue on.

Keith and Whitney resort to bickering (shocker), while the firefighters make jokes. These Vikings are tough judges! Brooke and Robbie are having a tough time, and Brooke is starting to become teary. When all the other teams complete the challenge, Brooke’s frustration boils over. Tim and Te Jay are the first to light their torch, while Brooke and Robbie are the final team to light theirs.

Some Very Angry Sheep

Misti and Jim complete their challenge first and are headed to Berry Farm, followed closely by mother and daughter duo Nici and Shelley. At the farm, the teams receive their next task: herding a flock of sheep down the middle of a course and into a pen. Who thinks of these challenges? These are some feisty, stubborn sheep who look like their mission in life is to kill the racers.

Jim and Misti finally finish, and are handed a clue from the shepherd and told to “go where this was found.” The Pit Stop for this leg of the race is St. Ninian’s Isle, which is famous for the discovery of treasure from the eighth century. 

Don’t Ask the Locals

A desperate Tim and Te Jay string together a barrier of their clothes to try and block off areas from the sheep. The sheep have the last laugh as they jump over the clothing. Amy and Maya ask some local folks where the necklace would have been found and are sent to Scalloway Castle. They find their way to a church, but no one is there.

Scott’s leg is really getting worse, and he wants to take the four-hour penalty. Michael convinces Scott to hang in there, and they finally finish. When they stop and ask pub patrons for their help in identifying where the object came from, they are told Weisdale. Te Jay and Tim are the final racers left at the sheep challenge.

The Pit Stop

Jim and Misti are the first team to arrive at the mat and win a trip to Dubai. Congrats on the trip, guys! Jim has designs to “establish ourselves as the most dominant team ever on The Amazing Race.” At least he isn’t too competitive. Adam and Bethany are the second team to arrive, followed by Keith and Whitney.

The Last to Arrive

Michael and Scott are the final team to arrive and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8pm on CBS.

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