On the last episode of Survivor, Coyopa called Val’s bluff after she claimed to have not one, but two, hidden immunity idols. Her demise in this game is unfortunate for her, but because of some Exile Island politics with Val’s husband Jeremy, it looks like John Rocker is going to feel the brunt of her elimination.

After she was nearly voted out at Tribal Council, Baylor finally realizes she’s not so safe in this game. She says she’s open to working with anyone now, but she doesn’t think she can trust Josh.

Ironically enough, Josh is the one who flipped his vote to Val after he realized that Val and Jaclyn were voting for Baylor. He suspects (correctly) that John is the one who gave Val the information about the vote, so he’s lost a lot of credibility. 

At Hunahpu, Drew is being lazy and driving everyone crazy. He’s too lazy to even weave palm fronds. Jeremy had planned on taking him to the end, but he’s not sure if he can keep him around that long because everyone wants him gone.

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Hero Arena

Jeremy gets emotional when he sees that his wife is gone. He tells Coyopa that the men are targeting the strong women who are threats to them, so it’s time they turn the tide. I’m not sure how they’re supposed to do that with only two women left in the tribe, but okay.

John Rocker apologizes to Jeremy in front of everyone. He says he promised he’d have his wife’s back, and he lobbied for her, but he had to vote with his alliance. The guys on Coyopa are surprised to hear this, because as far as they know, there was no lobbying. And it pretty much confirms Josh’s theory that John was working with Val before the vote. John Rocker may have just put his big foot in his mouth.

For the reward challenge, Wes and Keith are competing for a comfort reward of blankets, a tarp, and pillows. Or they can trade it for fishing gear. They are head-to-head in the challenge that involves balancing on a “wobbly beam” (Jeff’s words) and transferring squares from one platform to the next with a long rod. But Wes beats his dad for Coyopa’s first win of the season.

Keith isn’t upset that he lost to Wes, in fact he’s proud of the fight he put up against him. He gets emotional because he’s so proud of his son. Wes says this kind of emotion isn’t common for his dad. It’s a touching moment that Blood vs. Water is really good for.

Coyopa opts to take the fishing gear. In addition to sending his dad to Exile Island for a second time, Wes picks Josh to go with him.


Julie immediately takes off on her own, clearly shaken about her husband’s outburst. She knows that now the rest of her tribe thinks that John Rocker is running things at the other tribe and that puts a target on her back.

Jeremy tells everyone else in the tribe that he knows who John Rocker is. He tells them that he’s a racist and a homophobe, that he spit at players and got run out of professional baseball. This really gets Natalie especially worked up. She says that the other people in the other tribe need to stand up and do what’s right and vote him out.

Exile Island

Josh and Keith end up sharing the hidden immunity idol clue. Josh guesses that John Rocker found the idol and Keith wonders if Jeremy found the one at their camp.

The two get along adorably well. They share snails and enjoy each other’s company. I’m hoping for a spin-off with Keith and Josh, honestly. It will be like The Odd Couple, only on Exile Island.


John Rocker uses the fishing gear to provide for the tribe right away. Wes thinks now that they’ve eaten they’ll have the upper hand in the next challenge.

Baylor tries to talk to Alex and Wes about possibly voting for John. They agree to think about it, but their only plan as of now is winning the next immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge

The tribes divide into pairs of two. Being tethered together, they have to race through an obstacle course to retrieve a ball. Then they have to shoot the ball into a basket. The first tribe to three points wins.

Things start off a bit aggressively when Alec shoves Julie when they cross paths in the course. Jeremy uses it as an opportunity to chirp at John Rocker. “You’re gonna let a dude shove your woman?” he shouts to him.

After Coyopa scores the point on the dirty play, John Rocker gets out there and shoves Reid and Drew in retaliation and then goes on to score for his tribe.

The tribes are tied at two points apiece for the final round. Jon scores the winning point for Hunahpu and they win immunity.

Before Jeff can even hand over the idol, Natalie is yelling at John Rocker for being a bad sport. She also tells Coyopa that he’s a bigot. Julie says that no one knows him personally, but they think he’s the mastermind of Coyopa. Dale tells everyone that John is one of them, and the tribe stands behind him.

But Natalie continues to run her mouth and John, tight-lipped until now, finally loses it. He says to Natalie, “If you were a man, I’d knock your teeth out. You look like a man.” Natalie tells him to bring it on, that she’s not scared of him like his tribe mates.

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Loser Camp

Josh is not a fan of how John is playing the game. He doesn’t like how he acted at the challenge and he thinks he’s scary when he loses his patience. He doesn’t know if he wants to continue in alliance with him because of his erratic behavior and questionable personality.

John admits in his confessional that he probably just should have kept his mouth shut, both at the challenge and in his infamous interview. At camp, he tells the women to vote for Dale and then he tells the men to vote for Baylor. He decides to tell Josh that he has an idol. But instead of assuring Josh, it unsettles him even more. He knows John would never use that idol for a member of his alliance, but only for himself.

Josh decides it’s time to make a big move and take John out. He tells Wes that he needs him, Alec, and the girls to vote for John, but he can’t even suspect he’s getting a vote otherwise he’ll play his idol. Alec is hesitant about voting off the former pro-athlete this early in the game, but the girls are obviously on board.

Tribal Council

John talks about his admission at the Hero Arena. He says he’ll explain his actions to Jeremy at the merge, but it was really Val’s own bluff that got her voted out.

No one appreciates how Natalie was talking to them at the challenge, but Alec points out that they can’t vote her out. They just have to try to make their tribe stronger and win next time.

Jaclyn says she is concerned tonight, but she thinks the alliances may be shifting. Baylor talks about getting out from under a dark cloud, and I worry that she’s giving too much away and John will play his idol.

But John doesn’t put two and two together and doesn’t play his idol. He and Dale are the only ones who vote for Baylor. The rest of them vote for John.

In his exit interview, John fails to mention his girlfriend even once. Poor Julie. She may be better off in this game now, but unfortunately she’s still John Rocker’s girlfriend. 

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