The unholy alliance of three managed to survive another week on Hell’s Kitchen but it was a close call. Between the women and the men, they can’t get a perfect service out of to their diners. What would happen if they did? Oh, that’s right! This is Hell’s Kitchen after all.

After Service

The teams head upstairs and the Blue Team think they have momentum going for them.Katie gets questioned on why she put herself up. Katie announces that Sade should have gone up. Katie is going to be strong and win.

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The Team Challenge

Ramsay sends them outside to “shop” for protein. Unfortunately for the chefs, this doesn’t mean a trip to the grocery store. In fact, it’s the challenge where they must catch their protein and choose their garnish.

Ramsey tells them that two team members will work together (yeah, right) and try to get the protein they will work with in the kitchen. The men get veal and yams quickly but don’t know the difference between a lamb and a goat. The women are behind but finally manage to catch their dishes. Inside, Ramsay tells them that they will be cooking in teams of two. Since Sterling didn’t catch his meat, he chooses what he wants first. He’ll be doing pork. The unholy alliance isn’t happy but what can they say. All get to work and the dishes have some problems but finally make it to the pass. Now each team must choose which dish to present. This could get interesting, since Sterling’s dish gets chosen over Santos. The alliance is supposed to be in charge. Sterling over anyone is ridiculous. He’s supposed to go home.

The Test

Ramsay will be joined by Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook of Animal Restaurant on judging the dishes. As protein experts, Ramsay will let protein rule this challenge in Hell’s Kitchen. The men have problems and all of them look lost. They are only eight points ahead of the ladies as their dish goes up. Luckily for the men, Sterling’s dish actually beats Roe’s pork dish. Jen is mad because her dish was better than Roe’s and didn’t go to the judges. While the men celebrate, the ladies look like sore losers.

Awards and Punishments

The Blue Team will enjoy a wine tasting and gourmet lunch in Santa Barbara. Marino joins them for the wine tasting and offers advice. Unfortunately, Fernando doesn’t quite grasp the skills that Hell’s Kitchen’s Marino has to impart. It seems Fernando would rather chug straight from the bottle.

The Red Team meanwhile has to extract the bone marrow among the other duties assigned to them for the day. Roe and Jen aren’t happy with each other and you have to hope that Roe has that saw under control as she saws at the beef. They do get breaks while the marrow cooks but a timer always calls them back. Sade is showing how stressful this has been as she slowly goes upstairs for the final time. They love to win but can’t face losing.

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Both teams will have chef’s tables inside Hell’s Kitchen tonight. Oh good, they get an audience to watch their screw-ups tonight and I didn’t even catch who is there. Oh well, it’s the usual mishaps as neither team seems strong. As dishes don’t go out, chefs do. Ramsay eliminates Steve and Santos (of the alliance) to the dorms from the Blue Team. Steve has been all over Sterling’s back for the service and Sterling sees it as pay back. The Red Team sees Jen and Roe dismissed over appetizers and they are joined by Katie. Finally, all tables get served as the remaining team members scramble.

The Aftermath and Elimination

Ramsay isn’t happy and sends both teams back upstairs to nominate two people. While the unholy alliance of three rules the men and gets Sterling up, he’s joined by one of their own: Steve. The Red Team just can’t decide. They go before Ramsay and there is no choice.

Ramsay asks the Red Team for their nominees, but guess what! In true Hell’s Kitchen style, it’s a split decision which really sets Ramsay off. He makes them step into the Red Team’s kitchen to make a decision. They return with nominees Katie and Roe. The Blue Team must have learned from the Red Team’s mistakes, because both Sterling and Steve are quickly named.

To plead their case further, Roe thinks she’s a much better cook than Katie, and Katie says she’s not going to be a witch like the other women. Steve thinks Sterling doesn’t take the competition seriously. Sterling thinks Steve can’t cook. Steve, you got thrown out of the kitchen, not Sterling!

Ramsay announces that he will not tolerate another night like this. He sends Katie home but he isn’t through. He tells all the other nominees to remove their jackets. And we get the famous conclusion consisting of: “to be continued.” Dun, dun, DUN. 

Next Week

It looks like we say good-bye to Sterling because he hugs Ramsay and we do not see him in the kitchen in previews. The Red Team can’t seem to find their feet as they constantly fall and experience other mayhem. The men aren’t much better as the unholy alliance of this year’s Hell’s Kitchen continue to wreak havoc due to their lack of cooking skills on their side of the kitchen.

Watch this new episode of Hell’s Kitchen next Wednesday at 8pm on FOX.

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