Last time on The Amazing Race, we saw some teams melt down as another team’s performance level went way, way down. Nici fell on her way to the mat, and had a melt-down after bickering with her mother, Shelley, during this entire leg of the race.

Alli and Kym reached the Pit Stop first, and claimed first place. Misti and Jim, who had a disastrous time on every challenge, arrived last and presented Phil with The Save. This was, in fact, a non-elimination leg of CBS’ The Amazing Race, so they got to keep The Save and keep on racing. Was I a tiny bit disappointed? Yes, I was. Perhaps this lesson will help Jim with his ego (probably not). So who will take the lead on this leg of The Amazing Race? Let’s find out!

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Off to Morocco

This episode, “Morocc’ and Roll,” kicks off in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Kym and Alli get the next clue. So where are the teams headed next? They are off to Marrakech, Morrocco. Once they land, they must search the busy marketplace of Jemma El-Fnaa and find the food cart garage to obtain their next clue. As Brooke and Robbie depart, Robbie mixes up what a tambourine and a morracco are. Hilarious! If they had a prize for the most interesting guest to have at a party, Robbie would totally win!

While everyone waits for their flight, Misti and Jim are surprised that the other teams are upset that they still have The Save. And, yes, Jim’s ego is back at full-strength. The square is absolutely huge, so finding the marked door will be quite a task.

Food Cart Chaos

Teams must help a food vendor set up their cart, and will receive the next clue when the owner feels it is done correctly. Misti and Jim also encounter their Speed Bump, and they must take eight rugs from a carpet shop, and use a poll to hang the carpets on a wire to display them. They must complete the Speed Bump before they can go on to the food vendor challenge. Jim starts to lose his patience when Misti needs help with hanging her rugs.

The vendor carts pose their own set of risks because of their weight and the difficulty controlling them. Keith and Whitney finish first, and find out that teams must next head on foot to the Bab Deggbagh Tannery to get the next clue. As teams try, in vain, to locate the tannery in the mazes of the marketplace, Jim’s frustration continues as they tackle the food vendor’s cart. When they are done, they are only 12 minutes behind their competitors. That is still pretty impressive.

A Hairy Challenge

At the tannery, teams find a Roadblock. One team member must pull the hair off three leather hides, then deliver three bundles of prepared hides by bicycle to a shoe cobbler. Competitors must take a receipt from the cobbler and return it to the tannery to receive their next clue.

The odor and generally disgusting conditions are certainly not helpful as the racers try to complete the challenge. Misti takes the Roadblock on, and finishes, leaving Nici in last place. When Misti tries to get her bike past Nici and her bicycle, she knocks over Nici’s bundles of hides. Misti does apologize, but doesn’t stop to help.  Misti later plows into a motor bike.

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Fighting Dirty

Nici is the first one back to the tannery, but Keith cuts in line ahead of them, even though Whitney is not standing with him. Shelley shoves at Keith, and he still refuses to move and grabs the clue. So a new feud is born!

Teams are to travel on foot to Ben Youssef Medersa to search for the next clue, which is a Detour. Duos must choose between “Twirl Time” and “Tea Time.” In “Twirl Time,” one team member must play the drums while the other twirls the tassel on their hat along with street musicians. For “Tea Time,” teams must carry a traditional tea set through the streets to a restaurant, where one team member must balance a tray of tea cups on one arm while the other pours the tea in a very specific manner.

Tea Trouble

Both of these challenges look very difficult. Misti holds the tray with two hands, and the supervisor stops them without telling them what they did wrong. Six times later, Misti is still holding the tray with both hands, and Robbie and Brooke have had to repeat the task several times, too. Bethany and Adam take some extra time to perfect their technique and the pouring height, and snag the next clue.

Teams are heading to Le Grand Balcion Du Cafe Glacier. Meanwhile, Kym and Alli are the first to complete the music challenge, which is making me dizzy watching the spinning hats. Whitney has trouble with her spinning tassels, and asks Keith if they can switch Detours. He refuses, at first, but finally agrees to Whitney’s plan.

Who Gets U-Turned

At Le Grand Balcion Du Cafe Glacier is the dreaded U-Turn. Alli and Kym reach the U-Turn first, and decide not to U-Turn anyone. They are headed off to the Pit Stop, which is Al Matjar Carpet Shop. Nici and Shelley get to the U-Turn, and decide to U-Turn Keith and Whitney. Finally, Misti and Jim complete the task, leaving behind Brooke and Robbie. Once Keith and Whitney complete the tea challenge, they head back to finish the music challenge.

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The Pit Stop

Kym and Alli reach the mat first, and as the winners of this leg, have won a cool $5,000 each. Nice going, ladies! Bethany and Adam come in second place, followed by Tim and Te Jay in third place.

The Last to Arrive…

Keith and Whitney are the last to arrive, and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8pm on CBS.

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