It’s the Project Runway Season 13 finale! And who doesn’t love the Fashion Week episode? Tonight either Amanda, Char, Kini or Sean will win it all. So let’s get to it.

Make it Work

Kini is still recovering from his brutal critique from the judges. He’s grown attached to his collection over the last few weeks so it hurts him that the judges hate it so much. He’s also worried that he doesn’t have any fabric to fix it.

Tim solves that problem by telling them all that they’re taking a trip to Mood where they’ll have $300 to enhance their collections. Amanda opts to stay in the workroom since she brought a lot of extra fabric with her and going to Mood would only distract her and waste her time.

Char is making a new long printed dress with a hood and Tim thinks she’s on the right track. But he doesn’t like the other new fabric she picked out at Mood and absolutely insists she can’t use the pink and the turquoise looks she has completed. At this point, it leaves her with about four new looks to complete which is just unrealistic. She ends up packing the looks that Tim hates at the end of the day because she has no choice if she’s going to put ten pieces on the runway.

After Mood, Kini is feeling a lot more confident. He scraps his coat that the judges hated so much and uses the denim to make a more youthful dress. He also got more chiffon to lighten up his collection and make it sexier. He has a lot to do but he’s a fast sewer so he knows he can do it.

Amanda gets a great critique from Tim. He says that she shouldn’t overthink things and just trust herself as a designer. Amanda feels like Project Runway Season 11 was her warm-up, and now she’s ready to win.

Sean is replacing one of his white fringe dresses with a sleek orange draped dress. Tim tells him that Nina has a point about his use of fringe, but he has a point too and this fashion show is about him.

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The Final Runway

Backstage before the show, Char is frantically making her models switch outfits while she tries to figure out what goes best on which model. She tells Tim she put the turquoise look back into her show and he tells her that it’s her vision and she should do whatever she feels is right.

Amanda has a mishap when one of her models changes shoes. You have ONE job! And that’s to walk down the runway with whatever someone else puts on you. Please do that and try not to fall over while walking. That’s literally it!

Joining regular judges Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Heidi Klum is Shameless actress Emmy Rossum.

Amanda’s collection is first. It’s very true to her aesthetic with lots of loose pieces and color blocking with a tribal print thrown in. Although most of her pieces are loose, they still seem to show off the woman’s body in a sexy way. Her jewelry stands out because it’s fantastic and her last blue maxi dress with a train is a great final impression.

Char’s collection is next and not only does she use the turquoise piece that Tim hated, she starts the show with it. Her hooded maxi dress she made in a day looks kind of ill fitting and cheap. But I love her black and white striped wide-leg pants with the crop top. The look that she says is the most “Char,” is really just a black tank top and a white skirt. I couldn’t even believe she would send something so basic down the runway at New York Fashion Week, to be honest.

Kini shows his collection next. While the white and denim pieces look well tailored, it’s too much white and denim with absolutely no color to break it up. It makes it seem kind of boring. His collection is much improved from what he showed the judges though. And he managed to pair different tops with different bottoms to give it a whole new more youthful feel.

The pieces in Sean’s show are all very crisp and structured with, of course, a ton of fringe. There are a lot of interesting silhouettes going on but my favorite is actually the orange dress (without fringe) that he made after going to Mood.

All in all, Amanda’s final collection was my favorite. But Sean’s collection is really something that I think the judges will respond well to. 

Final Judging

Char- Zac says she’s made beautifully cut clothing for a girl with a Solange Knowles look, but he doesn’t think she pushed her creativity far enough. Emmy and Heidi love the black and white striped two piece look. Heidi says a lot of girls would like to wear her clothes and she really understands color and how to make clothes sexy.

Amanda- Nina thinks that the clothes are effortless and she loves her color combination. Heidi says it is the most original collection of the four. Zac appreciates the curved pieces in the patterns and thinks her jewelry is ready to go. Amanda says she should win because she wants to build a brand… and be in Marie Claire. A little brown-nosing never hurt anyone I suppose.

Sean- Nina says that this is the most editorial of the collections. She likes the combination of feminine fabric with menswear structure. Emmy loved his storytelling and his unexpected “murder of Caesar” inspiration.

Kini- Emmy and Heidi both liked his pleated denim dress and all of the judges appreciate that he took their criticism and turned his collection around. Nina likes how he uses denim in a sophisticated way. 

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The Judges Decide

The judges pretty much eliminate Char from the discussion right off the bat. Emmy says it wasn’t cohesive enough.

They say that Kini’s collection was so well made, but sometimes his tailoring may get in the way of his creativity.

So it comes down to Amanda and Sean for the judges. Emmy poses the question to judges, do you want someone who will build a brand and design for the women all around this country, or do you want someone who is doing something new and highly artistic to win?

The designers come back to the runway for a final time. Char is the first out. She’s proud of herself and says she won’t do anything but grow from here on out.

Kini is the next out. He wanted to win but he knows he’s a great designer. His aunt puts a lei around his neck and chants over him, a chant for beginnings and endings. It’s an emotional moment and I swear those aren’t tears welling up in my eyes.

It’s between Amanda and Sean. And the judges decide to award the final prize to someone who is making art opposed to someone making something commercial. Because Sean is the ultimate winner.

Next week the designers reunite and surprise, surprise, Korina is still bitter. And Project Runway All Stars Season 4 starts after the reunion so you won’t even have time to miss watching.

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