Last week, yet another Survivor contestant sealed his own fate by throwing a challenge. Drew was so Survivor dumb that he probably couldn’t even spell “challenge,” but his brother Alec lives to fight another day in the game.

When they get back from their first Tribal Council, Hunahpu is still reeling. Jon knows he’s an outsider so he tries to do some damage control. He tells his tribe that if they had let him know their plan he would have voted with them. Jeremy’s calling it “Jon’s Apology Tour” and sees right through it. But he thinks he has the rest of the tribe in his pocket. 

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Hero Arena

Alec doesn’t think Drew will be the first one voted out of his tribe because he’s such a physical asset. He’s in for a shock then when he sees that Drew indeed gets to the end. He ignorantly stutters about how his brother was the other tribe’s strongest player. Aww, young Alec. The things you will learn while you watch these episodes with the rest of the world!

Jeff tells the survivors that there will be no reward challenge today. Instead he tells them to drop their buffs. Missy and Baylor, Kelley and Dale, Jon and Jaclyn and Keith on his own are the new Coyopa. Reed and Josh are the only pair on the new Hunahpu with Jeremy, Wes, Alec, Julie and Natalie.


Josh, Wes and Alec are a bit dismayed to find out that Hunahpu is nearly out of rice. They can’t believe they hadn’t been rationing. Jeremy tells them they have to try include snail in their diets from now on. Gross.

The food situation is so dire that they agree as tribe members that they have to bring it up next time they see Jeff. Reed is a little worried since last time they (well, Drew) tried to barter with Jeff they were nearly laughed out of the game. But at this point, they have to at least ask if they don’t want to starve.

Josh talks about how nice it is to be playing with his boyfriend Reed. He says that Reed helped him in his life by giving him the courage to come out to his parents, who are extremely conservative (his father’s a pastor, even). The two of them have been together for two years and they are abstaining until marriage; he says that kind of commitment makes them perfect for this game.

Jeremy is worried that Josh will pair up with Reed right away and convince him to vote Jeremy off. While I think it’s obvious that Reed and Josh will pair up, I’m not sure why Jeremy’s instinct is that he’ll be the first to go. Instead of trying to turn Alec against Josh and Reed and get him on a “singles” alliance, wouldn’t it be better to get both Josh and Reed on your alliance? When it comes down to it, I think Jeremy is threatened by Josh.


The tribal switch couldn’t come at a better time for Jon. He knew he was on the wrong side of the numbers on his old tribe and now he’s so happy to be on Jaclyn’s tribe, the two barely separate for air. Mmm, I know I love kissing my boyfriend when he hasn’t showered in 12 days.

At Coyopa, the new members are delighted to find how much rice they have. Yeah, that’s what happens when you ration your food responsibly. But Missy goes back to her old tribe’s ways when she makes a double batch of rice for everyone. This irritates Dale, who realizes they have to make that rice last.

Kelley suggests he goes on a walk to chill out and not start a fight, but he’s already done the damage by ruffling Missy’s feathers. It also doesn’t help that Baylor tells her mother that Dale’s been trying to get her out from the beginning. Missy goes into protective Mama Bear mode and says that Dale has to go next. Dale is feeling the same way about Missy. He tells Kelley that Missy is a “self-centered, bossy bitch,” which is very rude. At least Missy didn’t make it personal.

Keith worries about being the odd man out, but he’s not too worried because he has a hidden immunity idol. He hopes that if he has to use it at least it will buy him a little more time and one of the couples will be broken up instead.

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Immunity Challenge

For the immunity challenge, the contestants have to race to dig up a bag with keys, crawl through mud to use the key to open a gate, shake a basket to release sandbags, and then land ten sandbags on a wobbly platform.

Hunahpu is off to a fast start and are through the first two phases of the challenge before Coyopa is even done digging. They shake their sandbags free and then Wes and Jeremy land all ten sandbags on their platform before Coyopa can even start.

Before leaving with immunity, Reed tells Jeff about their dire food situation. Jeff tells them to enjoy what they have left of their rice and they’ll figure something out tomorrow at the reward challenge. In my opinion, Jeff should make them go to Tribal Council for more rice. They’ve already needed a lot of help and maybe that will help them be smart about how much rice they consume.

Loser Camp

Dale tells his daughter that he thinks they should vote out Missy, but they also can’t trust Baylor. Kelley understands that if you work with another couple, you control the tribe, so she and her dad have to work with Jon and Jaclyn to get one of the ladies out.

Of course Baylor and Missy know the same is true. Except they’re gunning for Dale or Kelley. They tell Jon and Jaclyn that they should split their votes in case Dale or Kelley has an idol.

Jon and Jaclyn know that they’re the swing votes, but they’re not sure who they’re going to vote with yet. Blood vs. Water complicates things because whoever they choose to vote out, they’ll have to come back to camp with their angry loved one.

Tribal Council

Keith says that being in his position is both good and bad. It’s bad if it’s six against one tonight for sure because he would be an easy vote, but the couples are going to have to turn on each other eventually.

Dale says that Jon and Jaclyn are the hottest couple in camp (and probably in life, Baylor points out). Kelley says it’s a disadvantage coming into camp and dealing with her dad’s issues with Baylor. Missy says she has the same disadvantage because it’s her natural reaction to do what she can to protect her daughter.

Keith knows that someone is going to be disappointed today and he hopes they can get over it as a tribe.

For the vote, Jon and Jaclyn decide to vote with the ladies and Kelley is voted out. Which is not only a bummer (she would not have been voted out if the tribes hadn’t switched), but it doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t just vote out Dale, who is arguably the physically weaker of the two. I guess they’re not really thinking about winning challenges in the future.

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