Last time on The Amazing Race, the five remaining teams raced to Bandung, Indonesia, where the challenges literally went to the animals. Teams had to work with rams, elephants and birds. Nicole and Travis were stressed when Nicole had difficulty assembling a bamboo instrument, and Amy helped her friend. Travis told his wife that he was embarrassed by her performance.

At the Pit Stop, Leo and Jamal were the first team to arrive, followed by Timothy and Marie (Reebs) and Jason and Amy. Ally and Ashley were the final team to reach the mat and were eliminated from the race.

So who will take the lead on this leg of The Amazing Race? Let’s find out!

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Breakfast of Champions

Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals) receive the first clue, and the teams are heading to the King Cobra House. The racers have to eat grilled cobra, which locals believe has healing properties. Yikes! Teams must each eat their own serving.

Leo and Jamal are missing their “race wives,” Ally and Ashley. Who knows? Maybe these crazy kids can have a love connection outside of the race. Meanwhile, Reebs is a picky eater, and is not enthused about eating any type of weird food. I think that Timothy better buckle up for this challenge.

Nicole and Travis reflect on the last leg of the race, and Travis remarks about her performance. When the two met, she was a student and he was her supervising physician, so he sometimes speaks to her as if she is a student. Still, I think Travis was out of line for his comments.

Cobra for Two, Please

Once the teams arrive and discover that the delicacy is King Cobra, they are less than thrilled. Of course, Timothy and Reebs have difficulty finding the location. Leo and Jamal tell Jason and Amy that Reebs swallowed her cobra and then took off. Leo and Jamal certainly enjoy manipulating the other teams, and they are also the first team to finish the task. Jason and Amy finish their cobra, followed by Nicole and Travis.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

At the Kawah Domas Crater, teams encounter a Roadblock, which requires them to hard boil eggs in steam from a volcanic spring. Teams must first pick up eggs, then carry them on a motor bike taxi to the crater. While waiting at the Roadblock, Amy asks Leo how soon Reebs left after eating the snake, and he hesitates before saying that he doesn’t know. Amy turns to Nicole and calls Leo “a liar.”

When Timothy and Reebs finally reach the cobra stand, Reebs is horrified, but manages to push through her fear with dreams of a million dollars dancing in her head.

Jason and Travis head back to the egg inspector, while Jamal opts to boil his eggs for another couple of minutes. Both Jason and Travis have under-cooked eggs and head back to the volcano. Jamal soon joins them.

How Do I Boil An Egg?

Jason and Travis ask Jamal to tell Reebs that it only takes about eight to 10 minutes for the eggs to boil so that she will have to perform the challenge twice. Reebs, who does not know how to boil an egg, passes Jason on the way to the crater, and he tells her that it does not take long. 

Reebs is lamenting the fact that she doesn’t have a watch, but maybe should be worried about the fact that she is dangling her basket of eggs over the water instead of in it. She finally completes the challenge on the first try.

Makeup Madness

Jason and Amy get the next clue, and it is a Detour, which are made up of two different challenges: “Paint Your Partner” or “Turn Over a New Leaf.” In “Paint Your Partner,” teams must apply makeup to each other to look like traditional brides without the use of a mirror. In “Turn Over a New Leaf,” teams must dress as tea workers and search the tea fields for a pair of clipping shears.

Jason and Amy, along with their friends Nicole and Travis, decide to perform the “Paint” challenge. Travis has to shave his facial hair, and Nicole remarks, “My husband looks like the sexiest drag queen ever.” Hilarious! Timothy and Reebs also join the makeup party.

Tea for Two

Leo and Jamal choose the “Leaf” challenge, and they are overwhelmed by the scale of the tea fields. They also find a white flag and mistake it for the clippers. The cousins finally give up and head off to try the “Paint Your Partner” challenge. Once they arrive and find that they have to shave, they head back to the fields. The duo begin to bicker over why they cannot find the clippers and their individual approaches to the task.

Nicole and Travis and Timothy and Reebs have trouble completing their challenge and begin to bicker. When Nicole and Travis’ taxi passes Timothy and Reebs cabs, Reebs almost goes ballistic.

The Pit Stop

Teams must descend 500 steps to the bottom of the Cimahi Waterfall, which is the Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race. The waterfall is beautiful. Jason and Amy are the first to reach host Phil Keoghan, and they win a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Way to go, Jason and Amy! Timothy and Reebs are in second place, and Nicole and Travis come in third.

Leo and Jamal are the final team to arrive, and are ecstatic to learn that this is a non-elimination leg, and that their race dreams are still alive.

Who will be the winner of The Amazing Race? Tune in next Sunday at 8pm on CBS to find out.

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