No teams were eliminated in Leg 8 of The Amazing Race, thanks to the first and (probably) only non-elimination leg of the season. Leg 9 should be a whole other story though. There are only two more legs after this Leg 9 until The Amazing Race finale. Things should be heating up. So who is going to get one step closer to that final prize in Leg 9 and who is going home?

Who’s Safe:

Phil told the teams in the last leg that they would be facing a U-Turn. The knowledge that a U-Turn is in play changes just about everything for the teams’ chances of staying. I don’t even think Justin and Diana can be truly safe during this leg because they are obviously going to be the biggest targets. There is really only two teams I feel truly confident will make it to Leg 10. The first is Kelsey and Joey. The second is James Earl and Denise.

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Kelsey and Joey are consistently good but they can’t be considered a threat with the Green Team still around. They’re also pretty likable and no one is going to want to target them. The only team that would go after Kelsey and Joey at the U-Turn is Justin and Diana but I find that unlikely. It implies that Justin views them as a threat and we know that’s not true. Justin is in his own words the “greatest.” Apparently, no one is threat to him.

Similarly, I think James Earl and Denise are going to squeak on by to the next leg. It might be by the skin of their teeth, but I don’t foresee them having a fatal issue in Leg 9. While all the other The Amazing Race teams are arguing and plotting against one another, James Earl and Denise will go unnoticed.

In Danger:

Everyone else is in trouble. Like I said, Justin and Diana have to be everyone’s #1 targets. If any other team makes it to the U-Turn before the Green Team, it’s a no brainer that they should put Justin and Diana up. Now a U-Turn might not mean much for the unstoppable Justin and Diana, but it could slow them down. Especially if one of them (Diana) falters and it causes an argument (led by Justin). This might be the week that they are finally eliminated or at least taken down a peg.

Tanner and Josh are going to have to complete an extra challenge no matter what since they came in last on Leg 8 and have a Speed Bump. Historically, Speed Bumps turn out to be a kiss of death, but you would imagine though that Tanner and Josh won’t be entirely alone. It would stand to reason that Tiffany and Krista would try to help Team Texas out in Leg 9. It is after all because Tanner let Tiffany go first at the Detour that Josh and himself came in last. Tiffany and Krista do owe their The Amazing Race lives to the guys. How that debt will effect Tiffany and Krista’s chances remains to be seen.

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Who is Going Home:

I really think that is battle between Tiffany and Krista versus Logan and Chris for last place. Tiffany and Krista are the better team (which is not saying much) but the promo for Leg 9 promises a lot of team conflict. There seems to be a big argument caused when Logan tells Justin and Diana that Tiffany and Krista U-Turned them in Africa. It’s a spiteful and stupid move that will probably cause problems for both teams. Tiffany and Krista will probably be flustered by the (truthful) accusations and the responsibility they’ll feel for Tanner and Josh. This doesn’t sound like a great combination for winning.

Though ultimately, I think that Tiffany and Krista will survive. For Logan and Chris, their chances don’t look so good. Who knows what possible motivation Logan and Chris could have on snitching to the Green Team about Tiffany and Krista’s useless U-Turn attempt. I certainly don’t think Logan and Chris were expecting confrontation. If there is one thing those two can’t handle, it is pressure. This one self-inflicted act of stress will probably spell Chris and Logan’s doom on The Amazing Race. They’ll be so consumed by their own paranoia and guilt that they will make a series of mistakes that will end with their elimination. 

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