The Scream Queens episode “Ghost Stories” ended in quite the unexpected moment. Another Kappa Tau sister met their untimely end but not at the hands of the Red Devil Killer, at least not the Red Devil Killer in their customary suit. Instead the girl met her end at the hands of one her fellow sisters. Is that latest dead Kappa sister really dead though or is this yet another a faked Scream Queens death?

Spoilers for the Scream Queens episodes “Ghost Stories” and “Thanksgiving” Follow

So Chanel has proved herself to be a killer twice-over. She killed Ms. Bean in the Scream Queens pilot and now she’s pushed poor, deranged Hester down the steps of Kappa Tau mansion. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that Chanel’s second murder will turn out to be an attempted murder. Hester might still be alive.

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Hester Might Be the (Other) Red Devil Killer 

Hester might be the most major character on Scream Queens to bite the bullet. All the other characters that have died have either been walking jokes or their deaths were a natural conclusion to their story. You can take Boone’s death in “Ghost Stories” for example. If his sister, the other Red Devil Killer, wasn’t willing to kill Gigi there is nowhere for Boone to go but to die for real.

By comparison Hester’s death feels anticlimactic. Chanel murdering Hester for sleeping with Chad seems like a natural conclusion to that conflict. There is more going on with Hester though. She’s clearly disturbed, deeply messed up in fact, and for her to go out in such an unremarkable way feels odd. In fact Hester might be the best and newest candidate to be Boone’s twin sister and the other Red Devil Killer.

Hester has unnatural preoccupation with death and scary stories. It’s unusual that Scream Queens would set this all up for just a couple of jokes and nothing more. Hester could just be a weird girl but it would make much more sense if she is the other Red Devil Killer.  We don’t know much about the Red Devil Killer other than they are Boone’s sister and they are incredibly driven. They murdered their own brother for interfering with their murderous plans. Driven certainly describes Hester who once said she would stop at nothing to get what she wants. 

I think it might be safe to assume that Red Devil Killer is one of the Chanels, which includes Hester. There’s a lot of evidence to support this in “Ghost Stories”. Specifically Denise Hemphill’s near death at the hands of the Red Devil Killer. The story Denise Hemphill told about a killer who kills people based on their choice of toilet paper isn’t exactly common knowledge. Denise Hemphill only told the Chanels that story. Denise Hemphill was then almost immediately murdered in the exact same situation she described. Hester was the Chanel most interested in Denise Hemphill’s stories. In addition, Chanel #5 was nearly murdered in a scenario almost exactly like the ghost story Hester herself told. This is somebody pretty telling behavior.

If Scream Queens was planting so many heavy hints that Hester was the other Red Devil Killer, naturally they’d want to throw us off the scent. Seemingly killing off Hester is a pretty good way to do it. It sounded like a pretty sickening crack when Hester landed at the bottom of the steps but it could have been her neck brace snapping, not her actual neck.

Lea Michele Isn’t Done on Scream Queens

The most damning evidence that Hester might be alive comes from a bit of a spoiler from behind the scenes. According to E! Online, the actress playing Hester, Lea Michele, is not done appearing on the horror comedy. Michele will be in a future episode, in fact the very next one “Thanksgiving”. Now Scream Queens is known for bringing back their dead characters in different ways but they are still dead. Chanel #2 appeared in both flashbacks and a ghost in Chanel’s dream. Ms. Bean showed up in the flashback story with the bath tub baby and a dead body later. 

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Just because Lea Michele is still going to appear on Scream Queens doesn’t necessarily mean that Hester is not dead. When you combine it with all the other information it is suspicious. But what do you think? Is Hester alive or dead? Is she the other, now sole, Red Devil Killer? Or is it someone else? Perhaps Chanel?  

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