The Voice is changing things up in Season 9. Instead of the customary two artists going home each week, only one will be leaving until the semi-finals. The week before the finale, five artists will be eliminated leaving the usual final four for The Voice. Only time will tell if this rule tweak will help The Voice but we can certainly see how it effects this second batch of live eliminations as the Top 12 is dwindled down to a Top 11. 

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Who are the First Saved?

Carson opens the show talking way more than he should. Anytime Carson talks for more than two seconds, it is too much. In any case, before he reveals the first results of the night, Carson trots out the Top 12. Then Carson asks the contestants questions that sound like they were culled from the Miss America reject pile. The answers are just as stilted and bad. It’s really awkward. 

The first saved is Jordan Smith from Team Adam, surprising absolutely no one. Someone from Team Gwen is saved next, it’s Jeffery Austin. So far so good, The Voice.

More Question Time with Carson and More Saves

Carson now turns his tirade of question terror to the coaches. Luckily these are bit more relevant and interesting. Also the coaches have way more experience fielding stupid questions. Really though it’s just a stalling tactic for… yet more questions with the contestants. At this point, I’d be praying for elimination so I wouldn’t have to answer any more of Carson’s questions. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, based on your perspective, it is more announcements of saves following the questioning. The next two saved are Emily Ann Roberts from Team Blake and Madi Davis from Team Pharrell.

Team Blake Performs

Next up, Team Blake takes the stage to perform with their coach. Collectively, Team Blake is probably my least favorite team left in The Voice. This is a lot of fun though. If nothing else, it shows off how good Emily Ann and Barrett sound in comparison to Zach. Have I mentioned I don’t like Zach? Because I really don’t like Zach.

Saves from Team Gwen, Team Adam and Team Blake 

We are just going to ignore the Carson questions going forward because they are basically irrelevant. Instead, we are just going to talk about what everyone really cares about the announcements of who is safe and who is still in danger. 

So the saves are the expected Barrett from Team Blake and Braiden from Team Gwen. There is another save though from Team Adam and that’s a bit of a shocker. Amy Vachal is saved. I liked Amy’s first Live Show performance but I thought the second round was her weakest performance so far. I’m really surprised The Voice audience voted her through to the Top 11. 

Team Pharrell Performs

Carson introduces this wrong. Team Pharrell doesn’t really perform together on the stage. No, Evan and Mark perform with Madi and Pharrell as their backup singers. Am I the only one who thought Madi got the real short end of the solo stick?

The Bottom Two Revealed

Carson trots the remaining artists out of the final to reveal the bottom two. He is going to first show the three artists who will be moving on, and the remaining two will perform for America’s last minute save. Evan from Team Pharrell, Shelby Brown from Team Adam and Zach Seabaugh from Team Blake are saved. This means that either Mark Hood or Korin Bukowski will be eliminated.

I can’t say I’m surprised by either of the bottom two. Mark had a bad song choice and just couldn’t make it work for him. Korin had a better performance but she looks like a mini-Gwen and that’s every kind of unsettling. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people didn’t vote for Korin because they legitimately didn’t recognize her.

Mark Hood Performs “Signed, Sealed Delivered”

This is the Mark that shouldn’t have performed in the Top 12. He’s soulful, energetic and fun. Most importantly this Stevie Wonder song fits Mark’s voice and persona much better. I know I’d vote for Mark if I didn’t think the save system was stupid and inaccurate. 

Korin Bukowski Performs “Don’t Know Why”

Korin starts off strong but falters a little bit towards the middle. She finishes strong but I think Mark might have her beat. I wouldn’t mind if Korin stays though. It’s still super-weird that her hair looks exactly like Gwen but her voice is really nice. Really though, Zach should be in the bottom two. Have I mentioned that I don’t like Zach? Because I really don’t like Zach.

America’s Save is…

It looks like Korin is going to take this one based on the live poll that The Voice is running during commercials. This is sad for Mark but I can’t say that Korin doesn’t deserve to stay. The artists and coaches say quasi-goodbye to each other, in the chance that one of them is leaving. Pharrell’s goodbye to Mark (and vice versa) feels much more earnest because they both seeing the writing on the wall. Korin is saved and Mark Hood goes home.

The Voice season 9 airs Mondays and Tuesday at 8pm on NBC.

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