The last leg of The Amazing Race was a non-elimination round, much to the relief of dating couple Harley Rodriguez and Jonathan Knight, who came in last place. For the first time, a dating couple, Rochelle Nevedal and Mike Dombrowski, came in first place.

'The Amazing Race' Leg 4 Prediction: Which Team Will Go Home Next?

Nine teams remain on The Amazing Race, but who should be packing their suit case to go home? Let’s take a peek at why some teams should stay, and some should go.

Who Is Safe

Jenny Wu and Jelani Roy, a blind date couple, came in third place this week. Still, they are consistent performers who came in first place on the first and second leg of the race. Jenny is great at analyzing details and this duo has solid communication. Although Jenny started to become frustrated at Jelani during the zip line food service challenge, it is the only time that the team has shown anything other than support for each other. They also possess the Express Pass, which can certainly come in handy to keep you in the competition.

Olympians Aly Dudek and Steve Langton are another team that had a good outing this leg. They are athletic, strong and have great communication skills. In most physical challenges, they would be the team to beat. They are extremely supportive of one another, and this can certainly go a long way in a competition like this one.

Tyler Adams and Laura Pierson, another blind date couple, faced missing out on the first flight to Phuket and some difficulty with the zip line Detour and the cabaret challenge. They both have a great attitude and when they focus on a task, they do a great job. They have been pretty consistent in their performance in the other legs of The Amazing Race, and I have a feeling they will be sticking around.

Who is in Danger

Blind date couple Hayley Keel and Blair Townsend managed to come in second place on the last leg of the race. Getting there was pretty much a nightmare for everyone involved. At the zip line food challenge, Blair ignored Hayley when she asked if they were supposed to get all the items listed on the blackboard at the food station. Blair told her that they were only taking one food item and one beverage item, just like the team before them.

¬†When they realized, too late, that Blair was wrong, Hayley had a lot to say. She spent the remainder of that challenge telling Blair what he did wrong, why he was wrong, and that he needs to listen to her from now on. I totally agree with Hayley, but Blair’s disinterest in anything that she has to say, or in Hayley at all, is troubling. A solid team is built on respect and support, and this team seems to lack both.

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez came in last place on the third leg of the race. As a result, they will have an additional Speed Bump challenge to complete. As a team, this dating duo has a positive outlook and are very supportive of one another. Will this additional challenge take up more time than they can make up and put them behind the other teams?

I predict one of these two couples will be eliminated from The Amazing Race next, with Harley and Jonathan the most likely to go home.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS

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