The Amazing Race is certainly not disappointing in the drama department this season, especially with some of the blind dating couples. Still, the teams that came in first and second place again last time were blind date duos.

Eight teams remain on The Amazing Race after Libby Simpson and CJ Harris were eliminated. So who will be packing their suitcase next time? Let’s break it all down to see who is doing well, and who is in danger.

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Who is Safe

Jelani Roy and Jenny Wu finished in first place again this leg, and their success isn’t a mystery. Jenny is very detail-oriented while Jelani has a more laid-back demeanor. These blind date team members balance each other in their different strengths. They also communicate well and are supportive of each other. These two may just be the winning combination.

Tyler Adams and Laura Pierson, another blind date couple, came in second on this leg of the race. They, too, are supportive and also very competitive. They have great communication and seem to be a good match as team mates.

Rounding out my pick for who is safe are Olympians, and dating couple, Steve Langton and Aly Dudek. They came in third on this leg, and I am not sure about how fair that is since Aly is a speed skater and they took part in the skating challenge, but overall, this pair is strong. They are athletes, which makes the physical challenges a bit easier for them. They also display trust and good communication, so they definitely have a lot of positives in this competition.

Who is in Danger

Rochelle Nevedal and Mike Dombrowski, who are dating, hit some stumbling blocks. My biggest concern for them is their physical health and stamina. During the skating challenge, Mike fell twice, and Rochelle tumbled out of the chair and hit her wrist against the wall. She was medically cleared to continue but Mike’s knee is bothering him. With such a grueling race ahead of them, can they stay healthy enough to keep pace with the other couples?

Blind daters Hayley Keel and Blair Townsend struggled to get their footing as a team again during this leg of the race. They finished just ahead of Libby and CJ, who were eliminated. During both the puzzle and skating challenges, Blair became increasingly frustrated with his team mate. During the puzzle challenge, he even spoke to her as if he was speaking to a child, not an adult. It certainly doesn’t seem as if they trust each other as team mates, and Blair sometimes seems as if he could care less about Hayley. That is just plain awkward.

I predict that one of these two couples will be eliminated from The Amazing Race next, with Blair and Hayley the most likely to go home.

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