Among fans of The Amazing Race, there is always speculation about stunt casting.  In previous seasons, former Big Brother contestants (Alison Irwin) and Survivor contestants (Rob and Amber) have competed on The Amazing Race, CBS doing its best to synergize its three most successful reality franchises.  Fans are split on the merits of this kind of stunt casting.  Big Brother fans have clamored for some of its alumni (Mike and Boogie, Eric and Jessica, Dick and Daniele) to be cast on The Amazing Race, but this tends to anger a significant portion of Race fans.  I, for one, am all for stunt casting on something like The Amazing Race.  Once the Race starts, there’s no real advantages for a quasi-famous team.  Why not cast some notable personalities.  With that in mind, I thought it’d be fun to take it to the next step.  Why not have an Amazing Race: Reality Show All-Stars Edition.  CBS pulls twelve teams of well-known reality show personalities together from reality across the TV landscape.  If I’m in charge of casting, these are the teams I’m going to put together.

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Anonymous said: If we’re going to have a celebrity amazing race, I’d like to see Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch, Kermi…

ladytex01 said: If we’re going to have a celebrity amazing race, I’d like to see partners, from current television shows …..

Anonymous said: Is Oscar Will’s agent?

Will Kirby and Mike Malin – Big Brother 2, Big Brother All-Stars

Possibly the two most infamous Big Brother contestants ever make great TV wherever they go.  Some people don’t like them, but that’s never a bad thing for TV. 

Yau-Man and Yul Kwon – Survivor

Two of the best Survivor contestants in recent memory.  Both extremely cerebral, outside-the-box thinkers who would flourish in a situation like The Amazing Race.  I love these guys.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey – Newlyweds

The Amazing Race used to do more exes casting than they do these days, but this recently divorced couple would make a great team to watch.  And, Jessica Simpson is hot. 

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne – The Osbournes

I’m afraid Ozzy and Sharon would be the first team eliminated because Ozzy wouldn’t know what the hell was going on.  But, that first episode would be comic gold. 

Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari – Laguna Beach

You always have to have the hot blondes team.  These Laguna alumni would bring younger viewers and almost certainly create oodles of drama. 

Donald and Ivanka Trump – The Apprentice

You need a father/daughter team somewhere and I’d like to Donald Trump compete.  I think he’d go all out and be incredibly intense.  Also, I want to see how his hair holds up amidst intense travel.

Flava Flav and Brigitte Nielsen – The Surreal Life

Do I need to rationalize this? 

Sanjaya Malakar and Antonella Barba – American Idol

The two most controversial (and clueless) figures from the latest season of American Idol.  They would also bring in younger viewers.  I’m fudging here, because neither are 21 yet, but it could work. 

Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence – Dancing with the Stars

Two teenage heart throbs from the mid-90’s.  They’d be a very strong team and the possible favorites to win it all. 

Duane and Beth Chapman – Dog the Bounty Hunter

Currently embroiled in controversy stemming from some racist comments Dog made over the phone, this could be the big man’s shot at redemption.  Being bounty hunters, this couple are veteran travelers and could win the whole thing.

Corey Feldman and Corey HaimThe Two Coreys

The unintentional comedy coming from this team would be incredible.  The more Coreys we get as a society, the better.

Tonya Cooley and Coral Smith – The Real World 

What’s a reality show without a couple of legitimately crazy women?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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