Sheena Stewart was not the ultimate winner for Brad Womack’s heart on this season of The Bachelor, but she did come away from the show winning over many viewers.

Generally, appearing on a reality show is a risky endeavor, and no matter how nice or normal someone seems to be to the majority of viewers, there seems to always be some segment of the audience who just can’t stand that person or who attributes some sort of negative motivation to their actions.

With Sheena, however, most comments about her personality on BuddyTV at least have been remarkable in being nearly uniformly positive. Between her own composure and a gentle edit by the producers, other than her brief tumble on the stairs, she emerged with a pretty positive image from the show.

She recently talked more about her experience on The Bachelor, what she felt going into it and how things have turned out since she left.

She says she “had never even thought about ever going on reality TV.” But it was a home alone on a Friday night that inspired her to consider looking for love on The Bachelor. She watched an episode of the show online, and the end of last season really got to her, an admitted “hopeless romantic.”

“At the very end I saw [Andy Baldwin] propose to [Tessa Horst], and I was like, ‘God I want that!’ It was sort of a cheesy moment, but I was on the phone with my really good friend from New York, and she was like, ‘You should apply.’”

It took a little more convincing from her friend, but late that night, she submitted her photograph to ABC, and although casting was almost already finished, they were able to add her to the mix.

She says that she thinks now that Chad’s pick of her as the biggest stand-out of the evening was actually not the best omen for her. She says, “In a…conversation with Brad right after we knew that he had an identical twin brother, one of the girls asked him, ‘Have you guys ever had an issue where you like the same girl?’ And Brad had said something like, ‘No. We got really lucky. Chad and I always tend to go towards other girls, so we never had that issue. Someone that Chad really likes or was dating I never really felt that way about.’ So I think it’s sort of ironic now that I look back on that conversation, that Chad spoke so highly of me and thought that I stuck-out, and then Brad in the end said that we didn’t have as much chemistry.”

She also sheds a little light on Hillary’s meltdown. She says the two were close in the house, but even so, “I never expected her to hyperventilate and be quite that bad… But I know that out of many of the girls, her thoughts and feelings were really, really genuine and she really did get her heart broken.”

She confirms what other women have said about Brad – that he’s there for the right reasons. She said he was even reluctant to talk too much about his businesses with the women because he didn’t want it to appear that he was there for anything other than meeting the right woman.

While Sheena might not have turned out to be the right woman – which, as she’s recently started dating a new fella, might not turn out to be such a bad thing – does she have any opinions on who might be? While other eliminated women have singled out DeAnna as the one to watch, Sheena is saying Jenni “is really his type.”

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image: ABC)


Staff Columnist, BuddyTV