Give it up for The Renegades.  They did it.  Even if you take umbrage with their tactics (you shouldn’t), you’ve got to admit that they played a spectacular game.  Dan and Memphis took the Big Brother house by storm, especially in the latter half of the Big Brother 10 season.  Jerry met his maker tonight, and it was not unexpected.  The only thing up in the air was which Renegade would be given the symbolic final Head of Household perch.  Other than that, the final two was already established before the night began (if you were paying attention to spoilers, that is).  We have our Big Brother final two, folks, and it’d be hard to argue that they weren’t the two most deserving Big Brother houseguests.

Final HoH, Part 1, Plus Dan’s Over-Acting

After Keesha’s “surprise” eviction, Dan pretends he’s pissed at Memphis, giving Jerry hope in the process.  He goes a little bit overboard, but I’m not sure that Jerry would respond to subtlety.  It appeared to be effective.  The first part of the final Head of Household had Jerry, Memphis and Dan holding on for dear life on top of a fake plane, suspended above the backyard.  Jerry fell off very early.  The Renegade plan was for Memphis to fall off next, but he stayed on a fairly long time, just so Jerry didn’t suspect that he was throwing it.  Dan wins!

Final HoH, Part 2, AKA the Beat-Down of the Century

Jerry versus Memphis.  It was a lopsided affair.  The challenge was pretty cool, actually: the backyard was set up with cardboard cutouts of each of the thirteen Big Brother 10 houseguests.  Jerry and Memphis each competed alone.  They wore boxing gloves and, in order, had to knock down everyone but each week’s HoH and final nominated houseguests.  They each started with week 1 and continued through the tenth HoH/nominees trio.  Memphis absolutely thrashed Jerry, finishing in eight minutes to Jerry’s fifty-five.  Embarrassing.  

Final HoH, Part 3, Out with the Old

The final Head of Household was a moot point.  The Renegades were in it together, but they had to play it out anyway.  Dan and Memphis faced off.  Julie Chen read the first part of a statement made by one of the jurors, and were then given two options as to how that juror actually finished that statement.  Whoever had the most correct answers after six statements won.  Dan ended up the victor.  In the eviction ceremony, Dan evicted Jerry. 

The Renegades made the final two.  Impressive season, guys. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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