This is the point in The Amazing Race where we start to see what the teams are made of. Some handle stress relatively well, and some don’t handle it well at all. They are all individual people and I expect them to have disagreements, but some of the teams take disagreements to a new level.

Take Nathan and Jen. I have to think that they are not bad people out of the Race atmosphere. They’ve been friendly with a couple of teams that must have seen something in them. What amuses me is that they brag about being competitive athletes and being in pressure situations and say that this is an edge for them. I’ve not seen it yet. Nate has been pretty laid back, but Jen? Whew …

Your Take

jadranna said: kynt made a mistake with u-turn and he had to pay for that. Vyxsin seemed more clever to me but she didnt …

mmaym said: Yeah I was sad to see them leave, I like all the teams this year. I agree about Ronald he is such an ass…..

elmomeme said: vixsyn actually suggested to uturn nate ane jen….but kynt decided to make hi own decision…. 2 u turns …

One thing about them, though, is that throughout all the yelling and screaming, they are managing to work together. This episode they sat and bashed each other while competently stringing flowers. That was just weird to watch. I’d have thought that Kynt and Vyxsin would pull ahead at that point because of the bickering.

And who else out there wanted to smack Ronald and give Christina a hug? I hope he is appalled by his behavior when he sees the show. Somehow I fear that he won’t be. He yells at her, disrespects her, and he doesn’t listen to her. I’m glad my dad wasn’t like that. I think that maybe it’s the culture that has her taking his BS, because I know I’d have told him where to get off a few episodes ago. He’s another that doesn’t deal well with stress, apparently.

Right now I’m loving how Nicolas is taking care of his grandfather, Donald, while racing. His demeanor is so respectful and their relationship is so cute … at least on camera. That was great that they were the only ones to think of reserving tickets early and then checking into a hotel to get a good nights sleep. Very smart. Rest is a good counter to stress. And, dang, that 70 year old man is doing great in this race.

TK and Rachel got their calm back. They are both so laid back and it really bugged me how stress was making him act toward her last week. This week, though, they worked well together and it showed. I’m thinking that they used at least part of the 12 hours at the pitstop to work through their little hiccup.

I’m sad to see Kynt and Vyxsin leave. They were so interesting to watch. For the most part, they so enjoyed the experiences on the race. Their interaction was a little better this week, but Kynt still wasn’t handling the stress well. He didn’t read the clues closely and he would not listen to Vyxsin. That bone-headed move at the U-Turn sealed their fate, and after that, they deserved it.

Why Kynt would decide to use it on Nicolas and Donald is mind boggling. He didn’t know where they were. Either they were ahead of them or they were so far behind that it didn’t matter. He knew where Jen and Nathan were. He knew they needed to be ahead of only one team to continue. Why not pick the team on your tail? What made me mad was that he totally discounted what Vyxsin was trying to tell him. This episode he was on his male superiority kick and it kicked them both out of the game.

Oh well, my suggestion to the remaining four teams is this. Take a few minutes of your 12 hour downtime and in addition to resting, eating, and laundry, have some cake. Or some cookies. Just have some desserts and chill …

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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