I just watched “The Glass Ballerina” from season three, the episode where Sun’s lover is discovered by her father and sends Jin to kill him.  Great episode, but it got me thinking about Sun.  I’m starting to not like her, not at all.  Sun’s infidelity is now well-documented in the world of Lost, and this installment of Lost: Missing Pieces places Sun far away from the “victim” role she typically inhabits, at least in my mind.  The character of Sun likes to consider herself the victim of horrible outside forces and she is too weak to stand in their way.  Jin, who has done nothing but work his ass off to be married to Sun, is maybe perceived as the difficult one in the couple simply because his disposition is rough and no-nonsense.  But, really, he is the better person in the couple.  This week’s Mobisode, “Buried Secrets,” only reinforces that thought. 

Recap: Sun watches Jin toil with fishing gear out in the water.  He still wears his handcuffs.  Sun hides back in the bushes and whips out a California state driver’s license.  It’s the one she was going to use to start a new life in the US, away from Jin.  She begins to start burying it, but Michael emerges from the brush, yelling and looking for Vincent.  He recognizes that he’s interrupted something.  He tells Sun she doesn’t have to explain anything.  But, clearly in a very emotional state, Sun does let loose everything – she was going to leave Jin, and make a new life for herself in the States.  She goes on to say that Jin’s not the man who she fell in love with.  Michael gives Sun a hug and tells her that maybe he just needs a little time.  After their embrace, the two look longingly into each other’s eyes.  Sexual tension is thick.  They get closer, about to kiss, when Vincent emerges from the bushes.  Michael leaves.

This Mobisode gives me a couple of insights.  First, Sun is a bit of a floozy.  Second, the story of Michael and Sun is likely not over.  Michael’s season four return is still quite secretive, but he and Sun have some unfinished business.  Michael is the one person on the island who Sun has been able to confide in.   Other than that, there’s not too much meat to this Mobisode, though you have to wonder if Sun would even entertain the thought of making out with Michael had she known she was pregnant. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer   
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Oscar Dahl

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