I don’t know the last time that I’ve been so happy to be wrong. I had the bad feeling that The Amazing Race editors were setting us up for a Nathan/Jennifer win in the final leg. All of her comments about it being their turn to be first or whining that they weren’t first led me down the garden path. But I was wrong … and I’m glad.

Jennifer left the same way she played. She was as unpleasant as ever, and her whining that it was her birthday was pretty amusing. I’m not sure if she really expected everyone to let her have her way on her big day or if she kept repeating it because she was prodded to. I can understand not wanting any unpleasantness on her birthday, but, honey, what goes around, comes around.

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lovetar12 said: Jenn and Nate may be competitive and passionate, but they are not bitter people, and they deserve credit fo…

wheezer said: Ha Ha As usual this proves what you project is what you get! Thank Gawd!! ha ha If you project negativit…

oscardahl said: Yeah, they were obnoxious, but I just got done interviewing them and, guess what, they were pretty pleasant…

Her attitude upon learning that TK and Rachel had caught up was piss poor. Sure, she was disappointed, but dang, girl. I’m sure that Donald and Nicolas were disappointed, too, but at least they were gracious. She seemed to take is as a personal affront that they dared to catch up after being so far behind. She’s supposedly a competitive athlete. Did they not teach her good sportsmanship in her training?

I was glad that it was her bad choice that seemed to lose it for them, and not his. Taking the train and then a bus was the thing that put them behind, I think. I understand the concept that taking a train is a good idea to beat traffic. But first waiting for a train, then finding the bus and catching a bus, that drives in that same traffic, kind of defeated the purpose. And then the time they took to argue whether or not to catch the bus or finally take a taxi didn’t help. I cringed when she told him to man up and make a decision after the train ride. I was offended for him and was glad that he called her on it.

I was touched when, after they were philiminated, she said that they lost focus. They came on the race to work on their relationship, but basically they sabotaged it by focusing on the race. And Nathan’s tears … were they because they lost the race or because they lost themselves? I did have an ‘Aww’ moment when she jumped up and they embraced at the end.

This is one of the few times in a long while that I will be happy with whoever wins. Ronald has been good with his daughter and has admitted his bad behavior. Grandpa Donald has impressed the heck out of me keeping up, and it was good to see the great airport equalizer help TK and Rachel.

One thing I’ve noticed was the lack of purely physical tasks this go round. That’s good. I think it helped even the playing field for all the teams. Some of the tasks in the past would have basically eliminated the Donald/Nicolas team and maybe even the Ronald/Christina team. Even if there were an alpha male team, I don’t think it would have been a slam dunk for them to win this season. I like that.

But saying that, who do I think will win? I don’t see Donald and Nicholas winning this thing at all, and unless Christina and Ronald keep a big lead, I don’t see them winning either. TK and Rachel are young, fit and are clicking well. That last stretch is nothing but a footrace, and that they will win if they are close.

I can’t believe that it’s already the end of this season. Next week should be a good episode of The Amazing Race. The previews suggest that it will be full of action. I’m just glad that I won’t have to put up with Jennifer’s whining or that teams arguing and can sit back and enjoy it … however it comes out.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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