People who don’t watch Lost probably assume that all of the fans sit around talking about weird things like hatches, smoke monsters, numbers, and Others.  They think that all we do is obsess over the mythology of the show, and that we spend our days looking for DVD easter eggs or hunting for online clues.  Okay, I admit that some of us do indulge in those things on a daily basis, but there’s more to Lost fandom than analyzing the deeper meanings behind the series.  There’s another great, controversial discussion that rages through the households of Lost fans everywhere: which man should Kate (Evangeline Lilly) end up with?  Jack or Sawyer?  I have a feeling that the great “Jater” versus “Skater” debate will explode when Lost returns at the end of the month, so it’s time to ponder which man is really the best for our favorite bad girl.

The camp who believe that Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate belong together call themselves Jaters, and they seem to be in the minority.  However, it’s easy to see where they’re coming from.  Jack and Kate have had a connection since the pilot episode of the series, and as time has passed it’s become fairly obvious that Jack has fallen in love with her.  There’s also the fact that Kate is a bit of a con artist who is known for robbing banks and blowing up buildings, while Jack is, usually, a relatively stable guy.  He’d obviously be a strong, positive influence on her, and if they ever ended up together Kate might find herself feeling comfortable with the notion of settling down.

The Skaters are devoted to the Kate and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) pairing, and they can be a rather rabid bunch.  There’s no denying the power of the love/hate animal attraction that Kate and Sawyer share, which culminated in a sexy tryst in a polar bear cage in season 3.  The duo has amazing chemistry.  I think one reason that so many people find “Skate” appealing is due to the fact that Kate brings out Sawyer’s softer, more heartfelt side.  There’s nothing quite like a bad boy with a heart of gold.

I’ll admit, I normally avoid thinking too much about who should end up with who on the various shows I watch.  I usually just go with the flow and am happy to wait and see what the writers have planned.  However, in the case of Lost I truly believe that it’s Kate and Sawyer who should end up together.  Their chemistry is fantastic, they bring out different strengths in one another, and they just look damn attractive together.  I also have trouble believing that Kate could make it work long term with a nice guy like Jack, no matter how much she wanted to.  We already saw what happened with her marriage to Kevin, the nice guy police officer, and no matter how much she’s changed on the island I think she’d suffer the same fate with Jack.

However, that’s just my opinion, and I am but one of many who have pondered this great question.  I’m guessing that the writers will focus less on the love triangle now that there are only 48 episodes left of Lost, but when the series finale airs in a few years I’m positive Kate will end up with either the good doctor or the bad boy con artist.  I’m rooting for the latter.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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