More often than not, celebrities who have joined the Dancing with the Stars tours have plenty of positive things about what goes on as they perform live in front of a massive audience and leap from one city to another.  Shedding more light to their experiences on the road are actor Joey Lawrence and professional dance partner Edyta Sliwinska, who both have been participating on tour for three consecutive seasons since 2006.

In an interview with TVGuide, Lawrence, who previously competed on the third season of Dancing with the Stars, explains his reason for signing up for the tour again and again.

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“Because they treat us great,” Lawrence told TV Guide. “They give us a beautiful ride [to] travel across the country.  The bus is just incredible.  It’s just a big party out there.  It’s fun.”

Credited for shows like Gimme A Break and Blossom, Lawrence also reveals that part of the appeal of the tour is that he gets to travel the country “in a whole new light.”

While Lawrence and Sliwinska enjoy dancing on the show, they both consider the tour as something more mentally tiring yet amusing since they don’t face a lot of pressure as compared to dancing in a contest.  The dancing duo also takes pleasure in the magnitude of the audience and the appreciation they get after every performance.

“On the show, even though it’s a smaller room, you feel the magnitude of what you’re doing.  You see the people in the audience…When you’re on the road, you know the show.  You’re not having to learn a new routine every five seconds.  And it’s a lot larger in terms of the number of people.  When there are 7,000 or 10,000 people, it’s just loud.  And there are lots of lights, so you don’t see anyone and it becomes one big blur.  Edyta and I just go out there and we do our thing.  And at the end, you hear the applause and it’s awesome.  10,000 people make a lot of noise,” Lawrence explained.

Sliwinska has competed in all five seasons of Dancing with the Stars, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet if she’ll be dancing in the sixth season, which starts on March 17.

“We only find out two weeks before the training starts.  We’re released from our contract if we’re not picked up for the show.  But I love the show.  It’s kind of comfortable to have [dancers] who know what they’re doing, and then once in a while, to bring in a new [pro] dancer,” she said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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