Barry Allen has arguably become the most heroic character on television, which is saying something when you consider how many superhero TV shows there currently are. All throughout The Flash season 2, he’s displayed the kind of unfaltering heroism we had just begun to see in season 1. It’s difficult to pick out and compare his biggest acts of valor, but here are 5 of our favorite heroic moments by Barry in season 2 of The Flash.

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1. Luring Atom Smasher Into the Radioactive Dome

The team was able to work together to bait and kill the Atom Smasher thanks to Barry willingly acting as bait. By luring the big guy into the huge radioactive dome, Cisco was then able to pump him full of radiation.

2. Letting Go of Patty to Keep Her Safe

As much as Barry cared for Patty, he knew that she couldn’t be safe with him around, especially if she knew the truth about his identity. Because of this, he decides to say goodbye to her so that she can leave town and follow her dreams. Even after Patty got suspicious that Barry was The Flash, Barry denied it so that she would just leave town, even though it broke his heart. Of course, Patty eventually found out the truth, but didn’t tell Barry about it because she understood why he was doing it.

3. Saving Wally West

When Wally’s street racing goes south and Iris calls Barry to come help, he super-speeds out of a moving truck to come to the rescue. A shard of glass did manage to hit Iris in the shoulder, but she survived. Still, look at what Barry did manage to do — he jumped through a flipping car’s window while it was upside down mid-air and pulled Wally out and threw Clark from safety of the car hitting him.

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4. Caring for Earth-2’s Iris and Joe Like They Were His Own

When Earth-2’s Joe is in bad shape, our Barry instinctively wants to be there for him and Iris. Harry tries to convince Barry that this is not his world and they’re not really Iris and Joe to him, but Barry won’t listen to that. As far as he’s concerned, these people will always be his family, no matter what version. He puts the search for Zoom to a halt so that he can be in the hospital for Iris to have one final moment with her father.

5. Barry-2 Saving Barry

After being there for his doppelganger, his doppelganger was there for him. Even Barry in the other worlds is just as heroic as the one we know and love. After Zoom captures our Barry, Barry-2 works with the team to get him out. He gives a brilliant speech to Barry where he tells him everything the team went through to get there and save him. As he puts it, if plain-old Barry-2 can do the impossible, there’s no reason The Flash can’t do the same. His speech gives Barry confidence and he becomes motivated to be fast enough to break out of his cell. Barry saving Barry. It doesn’t get much better than that.

6. His Life (and Time)-Changing Decision

In a surprise move in the season 2 finale, Barry goes back in time for yet another “heroic” move. Once again, he returns to the night his mother dies, but this time, he saves her life. This was a little controversial of a move, because time will only tell (pun not intended) what the ramifications of this act will be to his own course of time. Still, it is the perfect example of who Barry is at his heart — a hero who can’t resist saving people.

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