The 2017 television season brought some new faces and some familiar ones to our favorite TV shows in the role of recurring characters. Some fit the bill as the perfect villain or hero while others’ mere presence changed the dynamic of the worlds we tune in to each week. 

Here are the five best new TV characters of 2017.

Jack, Supernatural


Jack’s introduction to Supernatural‘s 13th season was an interesting one. Noone knew in the season opener just what to expect from the son of Lucifer. The mystery behind Alexander Calvert’s character was exciting and so was his dynamic with Sam and Dean, who really wanted nothing to do with him. We knew that would change quickly!

Ava Sharpe, Legends of Tomorrow

Ava Legends.jpg

It seems to be a necesssity that one human must help ground any given group of superheroes these days. The Felicitys and Chloes of the world are the glue that holds these vigilantes in place and Ava Sharpe is among them. Her presence in  Legends of Tomorrow was just what the storyline needed. Played by Jes Macallan, Ava became part of the team and saved a few of them in the process.

Curtis Pryce, Scandal


Curtis Pryce (played by Jay Hernandez) was just what Olivia Pope needed to knock her down a notch in the first half of Scandal’s season 7. It was hard not to love his defiance towards her requests and the reactions she gave when he wouldn’t bow down to Olivia’s demands. You never knew what was going to happen between the two of them when Curtis appeared on screen. Love or war? It made their scenes unpredictable and fun!

Kat Sandoval, Madam Secretary

Kat Madam Secretary.jpg

Eccentric, opinionated and not afraid to speak up is just the kind of character Madam Secretary needed to shake things up in its fourth season. Played by Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sara Ramirez, Kat’s short-tempered reputation precedes her, but after coming to Liz’s rescue she becomes part of the team. She is a refreshing addition as the opposite of Jay and the others, breathing new life into the dynamic of the close-knit White House group that serves the Secretary of State.

Henry, Once Upon a Time

Henry OUAT.jpg

It was anyone’s guess how the seventh season of Once Upon a Time was going to go after news that Jennifer Morrison and others wouldn’t be returning as series regulars for season 7. Luckily, adding some new faces to the fairytale helped the ABC series not jump the shark. Actor Andrew J. West helped the show transition this season in the role of an older Henry Mills whose journey mirrors his mother’s!

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What were your favorite new characters of 2017? Did we miss any? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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