The Once Upon a Time winter finale has left its characters with a difficult decision. We finally learned who cast the curse and how: Drizella worked with Gothel and her coven to cast a curse that even heroes cannot escape. In previous seasons of Once Upon a Time, the heroes have always been able to overcome evil mostly unscathed. There have been a few deaths, but losing a major character is rare for this show. Season 7 has threatened a major loss and has taken on several relatable issues.

In season 7, Regina and the newly awakened Zelena are faced with the realization that if they do not break the curse, Lucy will die but if they do break the curse, Henry will die. Past episodes of Once Upon a Time have touched on a few real-life issues and been a little dark, and this season has taken things up a notch. Victoria Belfry was working on gentrifying a neighborhood, and she chose one daughter over another. Jacinda was a struggling single mom, and Henry was dealing with the loss of his family. Now Regina is faced with causing the death of one of her family members. 

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Once Upon a Time has evolved from simple fairy tales for the sake of entertainment to using those stories to tackle real-world issues. Perhaps the writers will continue to delve into relevant topics while the characters battle against curses and evil. Season 7 is proving to be a little more relatable than previous seasons of Once Upon a Time as the characters deal with the same daily struggles that many people face. Even though Once Upon a Time is still a fantasy show, it has developed themes that can draw in a wider crowd. 

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What do you think of season 7 so far? Do you like the new episode themes? Will Regina choose to save her son or her granddaughter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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