The double eviction is always the best part of a Big Brother season, cramming an entire week’s worth of action into a single hour. An eviction, a new HoH, nominations, a PoV and a second eviction, all in one episode, what’s not to like?

The first double eviction took place on the All-Stars season, though it was called a Fast Forward. Since then there have been a total of 15 true double evictions, including the first one from Big Brother 19. For the sake of this list, I don’t count the abomination that was a “double eviction” from Big Brother: Over the Top, which was mostly just three hours of waiting.

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Here’s a look back at five of the best, most memorable and most intense double evictions in Big Brother history.

#5 The 2nd DE of Big Brother 14

After Frank was evicted, the game was down to Dan, Ian, Shane, Danielle, Jenn City and Chef Joe. The night was full of surprises as Dan tried to take out Ian, who thought he was working with Dan. But then Ian won the Power of Veto and Dan had to put his closest ally, Danielle, on the block, thus taking out Chef Joe as a back-up plan. Dan always makes for great TV and putting up two members of the Quack Pack and secretly trying to take out Ian, but failing, was exhilarating and shocking.

#4 The 1st DE of Big Brother 15

This wasn’t necessarily good, but it was definitely memorable. It started with Candice, wearing a Clown-itard, being evicted after getting into a screaming match with GinaMarie on the live show. Then Aaryn won HoH and, out of nowhere, she backdoored Judd in the most painful moment of the season. Judd’s shock, sadness and desperation were devastating to watch.

#3 The DE of Big Brother 10

After Dan’s savage betrayal of Ollie at the previous Power of Veto ceremony, the alliance of Dan, Memphis, Keesha and Renny dominated this double eviction. First they took out Michelle, then they put Ollie on the block and took him out too. The best part is definitely Ollie sprinting to the door before Julie Chen is even done reading the results, the fastest exit in the show’s history.

#2 The 2nd DE of Big Brother 15

In terms of strategy, there may not be a better hour than what eventual winner Andy Herren pulled off. First he teamed up with the Exterminators to take out Amanda, who he had been working with all season. Then he managed to frame Elissa for the second vote to evict Amanda so that when McCrae won HoH, he took out the only person who was actually on his side in Elissa.

#1 The DE of Big Brother 13

Ah, the clown shoe. First there was the eviction of Daniele Donato, who killed it with her speech. Then Kalia won HoH and nominated Rachel and Jeff. That’s when the infamous clown shoe appeared as Jeff accidentally tossed it out of his ball pit during the Power of Veto competition, causing him to lose. And then Shelly Moore, who had been loyal to Jeff and Jordan all season, tearfully betrayed them and we got a tied vote so Kalia could take out Jeff. It was a crazy night with two legends of the game getting evicted.

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