Kevin has emerged as a player on Big Brother 19 in the past week, trying to make a deal with Cody and earning the wrath of Paul, Alex and Jason. Now it seems Paul has completely turned against his former friend and ally, revealing a huge secret about Kevin.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

As we know, Kevin won the $25,000 on the first night in this house. While it hasn’t been addressed on the TV show, live feed viewers also know that Kevin immediately told Paul about this and Paul has kept it a secret, blaming Ramses instead to make him the target.

On Tuesday night, Paul talked to Josh about the $25,000 and it turns out Josh also already knew about Kevin winning it. But then Paul decided to drop the bomb on some other HGs, but with some lies thrown in.

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Paul talked to Alex and told her that Kevin actually won the $25,000. However, in Paul’s story, Kevin told Josh on the first night, then Josh just told Paul about it this week. Paul claims he confronted Kevin and he confirmed it. Paul is claiming that he only just found out about this now instead of knowing about it all along, thus putting all of the blame on Kevin for framing Ramses.

Jason joined the conversation and Paul told him his story as well. Paul keeps bragging about dropping this bomb on Kevin, but that hasn’t happened yet.

The funniest part is that, when Alex and Jason were alone, they didn’t believe the story at all. They still believe that Ramses or Jillian won the money and assume that maybe Kevin made a joke to Josh about winning it and Josh took him seriously.

It’s definitely getting weird, with Paul telling a half-truth and a half-lie to Alex and Jason, but they choose to believe the lie and don’t believe the truth. Either way, with Cody being evicted this week, it seems that for Paul, Mark, Matt and now Kevin are the next few targets.

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