In the latest Veto competition, Elena made one of the silliest mistakes a Big Brother houseguest has ever made. Although Elena was on the block, she gave up the Power of Veto and took away a reward from the Head of Household, Alex. The move made Alex seriously consider taking out Elena and Cody jumped on the small opening, arguing that Alex should keep him over Elena. While it’s incredibly unlikely that Alex will go along with Cody, it would be the best thing for her game.

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Weaponize the Marine

Cody has just a single target in the Big Brother house. While it’s obvious that Cody doesn’t like anyone, except for maybe Mark and Elena, he only truly wants one person out of the game. Paul is Cody’s greatest enemy and Paul is the only person who really needs to worry about Cody staying in the house. 

Cody isn’t just telling Alex a line when he says he has nothing against her and doesn’t want to target her. Cody might not like Alex much as a person anymore but he would stay loyal to her if he could. Cody is someone that Alex should want in her corner because he has no one else to turn to at this point and he has a history of helping Alex already. 

Cody is a dreadful Big Brother player. He can fly off the handle over the simplest issue and has no social game to speak of but he has been very loyal. Cody has, in a strange way, even protected Alex numerous times in the game, despite never being formally aligned with her. Cody threw the Veto to let Alex win and pull herself off the block and he convinced Jessica to back away from targeting Alex during Jessica’s HoH. Elena has done nothing for Alex and ultimately could hurt her game. 

The Danger of a Goat

Alex believes that she is sitting very pretty in the Big Brother 19 house. She has won several HoHs and competitions, she is the majority alliance and she has a secret partnership with Paul that she thinks will take her all the way to the end. Alex is way more devoted to Paul than he is to her. 

Paul is using Alex in the same way he’s using most of the house. It’s not a Derrick and Cody partnership from Big Brother 16. They are not “in this together.” Paul is pulling Alex’s strings and she’s willingly going along with the plot. Paul can use Alex’s loyalty to advance himself but the second she stops benefiting him, he’ll cut her. There is a reason that Paul has repeatedly tried to keep Elena in the game when Josh, Alex and Christmas have all expressed desires to get rid of her. It’s a pawn like Elena that Paul really wants to take to the end, not Alex. 

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Elena might be dissatisfied by her perpetual pawn position but she’s done very little to change it. Elena is not a threat in the sense that she will scheme and work against Alex (or even Josh.) She is a threat in the sense that she’s a much more appealing minion for Paul than Alex because Elena is not playing the game in the slightest. Elena has a very poor chance of winning Big Brother 19 but she has a great chance of making it to the end as someone’s sacrificial goat. 

The longer Elena stays in the game and the less she tries to play, the more the stock will lower on all of Paul’s other minions. Paul has perfectly groomed Elena as his stooge and that’s the real reason that Alex should target her and want her out of the house. Alex is probably too under Paul’s thumb to see it but Elena should be Alex’s real target, not Cody. 

Do you agree? Is Elena a bigger threat to Alex’s game than Cody? Who would you target in Alex’s position? What do you think Alex will do? What should she do? 

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