Now that the 2013-2014 TV season is over, we’re looking back at the best in comedy. Here are my 15 favorite supporting actors in comedies.

#16 Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family

Mitchell’s anxiety and issues with his father over his gay wedding helped Ferguson shine in season 5.

#15 Reid Scott, Veep

Dan’s total mental breakdown and short tenure as campaign manager was a great opportunity to highlight Scott’s ability to play a high-functioning sociopath.

#14 Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Phil’s embarrassing dad never gets old, nor does Burrell’s very funny performance.

#13 Max Greenfield, New Girl

The way Greenfield overemphasizes certain syllables in random words keeps Schmidt fresh and one of the most consistently entertaining characters on TV.

#12 Chris Pratt, Parks and Recreation

Andy’s dim-witted yet adorable nature continues to be wildly entertaining, as was his turn as children’s performer Johnny Karate.

 Chris Pratt, Parks and Recreation

#11 Terry Crews, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Physically imposing yet sweet-natured inside, Crews’ energy and enthusiasm is electric.

#10 Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

Planning a wedding, going back home and coaching football gave Cam a lot of fun and entertaining things to do in season 5.

 Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

#9 Damon Wayans, Jr., New Girl

After disappearing for two years (due to Happy Endings), the return of Coach offered plenty of new dynamics and wacky situations for this FOX comedy.

#8 Timothy Simons, Veep

Jonah is one of TV’s most hilariously and mercilessly mocked characters, and having him get fired and start up his political blog Ryantology gave Simons the chance to shine in season 3.

 Timothy Simons, Veep

#7 Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Few actors can get away with doing so little, but Braugher succeeds with his ultra-stoic captain who gets more laughs in silence than Andy Samberg gets with all of his bells and whistles.

 Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

#6 T.J. Miller, Silicon Valley

Miller perfectly captures the bombastic nature of guys looking to get rich off the creation of others. His confidence and fearless insanity (slurping Ramen like a mad man in the premiere) make us believe in anything he says, even as he makes it up on the spot.

 T.J. Miller, Silicon Valley

#5 James Wolk, The Crazy Ones

When you’re that good looking, you don’t need to be funny. But Wolk defied that convention by stealing every scene as the ultimate ladies’ man on this short-lived CBS sitcom.

#4 Nick Offerman, Parks and Recreation

The inflexible Ron Swanson grew quite a lot in season 6, marrying Diane and learning to embrace change.

#3 Parker Young, Enlisted

Like a puppy dog with ADHD, Young eager performance as a helpless idiot with nothing but the best intentions was a delight. He was so full of energy and so earnest that it was impossible not to fall in love with him, especially when he tried to hold back tears while describing the plot of Toy Story 3.

 Parker Young, Enlisted

#2 Lamorne Morris, New Girl

In season 3, New Girl finally figured out what to do with Winston. The show transformed him into an increasingly ridiculous character, whether he was seducing a soup-loving weirdo or trying to become a cop. It felt like Morris was determined to steal every single scene he was in, which wasn’t easy since he’s surrounded by a talented cast of oddballs. Yet he succeeded by committing 110 percent to Winston’s insecurities.

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