We’re less than three weeks away from the premiere of the newest singing competition series, Rising Star. Can ABC hit the jackpot like FOX and NBC did with American Idol and The Voice, respectively? Or will it fall into oblivion like the network’s previous attempt, last summer’s Duets?

If you’ve seen all the promos on TV, you know that Rising Star is attempting something innovative and “cutting edge” as a way to get people to tune in live and become the next big singing show. Viewers will be able to vote for their favorite singers live in real time. This goes beyond what The Voice even does with the Twitter Instant Save.

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ABC has released a new video in which the panel of experts (they don’t call themselves judges) and host — Ludacris, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Josh Groban — explain the concept and format of the show.

There’s a giant wall that hides the singer so neither the judges nor us the viewers can see them. You have to download an app to gain access to the voting. (This is the first time we’re hearing specifics on how to vote.) If enough votes have been cast, the wall rises and that singer advances to the next round. (It’s like The Voice‘s Blind Auditions, but we as viewers are involved as well.) But what if a contestant doesn’t get enough votes? Well, they’re eliminated.

There’s a humorous bit in the video where Ludacris expresses his frustration over other singing competition shows. “You know those other shows where you gotta wait for results, and the judges make all the decisions? Yeah, well, we flip that.” Groban gives a big sigh and says, “I hate waiting.”

All the “judges” and host make a big point of the “instant gratification” concept, the fact that there’s “no results show” and “no waiting until the next day,” honing in on this idea that we as a society today don’t like waiting for things and need everything now.

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Check out the video below:

There was a question mark for a while over the time zone issue. East Coast viewers will be able to vote live, but what about the West Coast? The producers have apparently solved the problem. The show will air live not only on the East Coast (9-11pm), but also in Central (8-10pm) and Mountain (7-9pm) Time Zones.

As for the Pacific Time Zone (aside from Arizona, where it’ll air live at 6pm), votes can still make an impact, because if a singer is already eliminated from the other time zones, West Coasters can save him or her if enough votes are cast,¬†according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Rising Star premieres Sunday, June 22 at 9pm on ABC.

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