During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, a trip to the racetrack in Saratoga ends badly for Sonja. Aviva throws her father an engagement party, and Ramona manages to insult the bride-to-be. And Ramona and George get in a fight that is both amusing and disturbing.

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An Unconventional Love Affair

Aviva and Sonja decide to interrogate George’s unsuspecting fiance, Cody. Sonja manages to say something incredibly offensive right out of the gate when she blurts out that her neighbors might call the cops mistaking the beautiful African American woman as her drug dealer. To Cody’s credit, she lets it go. Aviva does a double-take but also lets the rude remark go unchecked.

In what can only be described as one of the most inappropriate conversations ever, Aviva and Sonja question Cody about her sex life with Aviva’s father. Now, what future daughter-in-law would ever want to be in possession of that kind of info, especially a tight ass like Aviva? Maybe the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree. One thing is certain, Cody confirms that George is not all talk.

Cody’s frankness snaps Aviva out of “just think of me as a girlfriend” mode. Too bad Sonja is just getting started. It’s not like sexy Sonja didn’t have a chance to find out how George is in the sack firsthand. He was ready and willing last season when the ladies traveled to Miami. Maybe seeing that big rock on Cody’s hand is making her have second thoughts.

Aviva decides to celebrate George and Cody’s engagement by throwing a party at the Museum of Sex. And I thought the doggy funeral was surreal. Given George’s proclivities, she couldn’t have picked a better venue.

Even though Aviva and Carole aren’t in a braiding-each-other’s-hair kind of place, Aviva has included Carole in the festivities. She equates George’s engagement with a solar eclipse: “You have to look at it even though you know it’s going to hurt your eyes.”

Singer Stinger Strikes Again

Ramona doubts this leopard can change his promiscuous spots. She’s proven right pretty quickly when George cops a feel off of poor Kristen. And while Ramona has patched things up with Aviva, she’s still not a fan of George’s. He goes in for a hug, and she bobs and weaves like a prize fighter to steer clear of his grasp.

Ramona is, surprisingly enough, a fan of Cody. She finds the woman to be poised and demure, a real lady. This leaves her wondering why on earth Cody would marry old lecherous George. She questions Cody on what she’s getting out of the match because most younger women hook up with much older men — there is a 50+ year age difference between the two — it is because they can benefit from the man’s money and/or power. Cody insists that her attraction to George is based on mutually satisfying sex and intellect. Aviva defends the couple, saying she believes there is true love between them.

Ramona manages to make the poor girl cry when she brings up her deceased parents, something Sonja specifically warned her not to do beforehand. When George finds out, he handles it with his usual aplomb by calling Ramona a piece of garbage. Ramona makes a hasty exit without so much as an apology to Cody, or a goodbye to the hostess.

LuAnn has invited the ladies, minus Ramona and Aviva, to Saratoga for a weekend of good food, cocktails, a trip to the racetrack and inevitably some bickering.

The ladies head to the track looking fabulous, resplendent in their hats, and not The Witches of Eastwick kind of fabulous when they attended Sonja’s dog funeral.

With a Friend Like That You’ll Never Need an Enemy

Back in NYC, Ramona pays Aviva a visit and apologizes for making Cody cry. But not one to quit while she’s ahead, she implies that Cody is probably vulnerable because she’s on her own. This makes her easy prey to men like George.

Aviva argues that older men often treat women better than younger guys. I’d buy that except for the fact that George is rude and crass and a tad misogynistic. Aviva also tells her that she and Sonja grilled the girl, and she feels Cody is happy and knows what she’s doing. She also can’t tell if Ramona is trying to apologize or add insult to injury.

George appears, but instead of giving Ramona the tongue lashing she deserves, he apologizes for his behavior at a charity event last season. This catches Ramona off guard, and she lets her defenses down. She expresses remorse about her behavior at the engagement party. But she continues on telling George that if he really loves Cody, he needs to let her go and be with someone closer to her own age. Things continue to go downhill from there.

The best line of the whole argument comes from Aviva when she states, “He’s a pervert, but he’s not a pedophile.” This might go down as one of the best arguments ever! Ramona questions whether George has any sperm left, and George says he plans to touch Ramona’s vagina at her funeral. An empty threat to be sure.

Luck Sure Doesn’t Act Like a Lady

The ladies hit the track, and Sonja hits the booze. Carole, always full of fun facts, lets viewers know that the shorter a guy is, the longer his penis looks. Sonja says she wouldn’t date a jockey, while LuAnn states that everyone is the same size when lying down. This episode is better than a hot fudge sundae.

The ladies luck out and hit the jackpot: over three grand. Ironically, the one who could use the influx of cash the most, Sonja, didn’t go in with the girls. Her strategy, which she swore by, was bunk. Kristen realizes it’s a bit insensitive to celebrate in front of Sonja, but the girls just can’t help themselves.

The ladies are ready to leave, and Sonja’s wandered off. Assuming she’s a big girl who can find her own way home, they leave her behind. Not very cool, ladies, not cool at all.

Later, back at the house, the ladies are ready to go out and celebrate their big win when Sonja comes storming in. Sonja’s blitzed and pissed, not a good combination. She insists they left her, and they, all evidence to the contrary, claim that isn’t the case. They did text her, and she didn’t respond.

Kristen tries to calm Sonja down since the rest of the women have dismissed her antics as mean and fueled by way too much alcohol. She gets a finger in her face for her trouble.

Sonja packs her bags and exits stage left. But from the looks of things to come, she’s just getting started.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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