Season 12 was a rough one for the Winchesters on Supernatural. It started with Sam being tortured and Mary coming back to life and ended with the birth of Lucifer’s son and almost every single major character being killed. Sam and Dean had to fight the British Men of Letters, a rock star, the President and even Hitler. Old friends returned, new friends emerged and we got to see the Colt again.

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From start to finish, here’s a look back at 12 of the best moments from this season of Supernatural.

Sam and Toni’s Sex Hallucination

It’s always fun when the Winchesters get frisky, even if it’s a drug-induced hallucination with a psychotic bitch.

Rock Star Lucifer

While Mark Pellegrino will always be the best Lucifer, Rick Springfield’s surprisingly dark turn as Lucifer’s temporary vessel, rock legend Vince Vincente, was very entertaining.

Dean Kills Hitler

The show managed to turn the most evil man in human history into a prancing, pathetic loser. And then Dean killed Hitler. “Awesome,” indeed.

The Banes Twins

Two great new additions to the extended Hunter family, these twins, the children of a good witch and a Hunter, made two appearances this season and the second time around, Max seemed to turn to the dark side. Let’s hope we get to see more of them in the future.

Cas Kills Billie the Reaper

Cas went through a lot this season to protect the Winchesters, and killing Billie the Reaper, even though it has cosmic consequences, was his greatest moment.

Lady Cas

An unexpected treat this season was a flashback to Castiel’s previous life in another vessel. The twist is that he used to be a woman.

spn12-ladycas.jpgDean Can’t Remember Anything

Any time Jensen Ackles gets to be funny, it’s a good time. In “Regarding Dean,” Dean was hit with a spell that caused him to lose his memory, leading to plenty of wackiness. The final montage, with forgetful Dean riding a mechanical bull, summed it up nicely.

The Reservoir Dogs Homage

“Stuck in the Middle (With You)” was a stand-out episode, even before the final twist ending that revealed the Colt was back in play. The homage to Reservoir Dogs, showing a deadly battle from all different perspectives, helped find a new and interesting way to tell another case.

Sam Kills the Alpha Vampire

The return of the Colt was a huge highlight of the season, and when Sam used it to kill the Alpha Vampire, the slow-motion sequences was beautiful.

Mary and Mr. Ketch

Sure, it didn’t end well because Mr. Ketch turned out to be a homicidal creep, but it was nice to know that Mary Winchester could still get a little action on the side just like her boys. Though as we later learned, finding out that their mom is a sexual being was too much for Sam and Dean to handle.

Bobby and the Apocalypse World

The finale took a page out of The Flash‘s playbook by introducing an apocalyptic alternate version of Earth, one where Sam and Dean were never born and angels and demons are waging war. It was a total hellscape (one Mary and Lucifer are now trapped in), but at least we got to see Bobby again. And maybe if we’re lucky, Bobby #2 can come over to the real world permanently.

Everybody Dies

If this entire list was just moments from the finale (or even the final 10 minutes), no one could blame me. Instead, I’m just going to call the season 12 finale the Red Wedding of Supernatural. RIP Kelly Kline, Rowena, Crowley and Castiel. I’m going to assume some (or at least one) will return, but still, that’s one hell of a way to end things.

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