It’s the epic two-hour finale of Supernatural season 12 and Sam and Dean have two big problems to deal with. First is the British Men of Letters and their brainwashed mother. Second is Lucifer, back at full strength and eager to get his hands on his son.

The first hour is an action-packed thrill-ride, but the second hour is when the truly insane stuff happens. By my count, seven major characters are killed off in this episode, which might be more than any single episode of Game of Thrones. Lucifer’s son arrives and a whole new world is created, literally. Oh, and a beloved face from the past returns. The writers really put everything into this finale.

Escape from the Bunker

Sam and Dean are locked in the Bunker with Lady Toni Bevell, whose life is spared because she’s the only one who can undo the brainwashing of Mary. Sam tries to escape using magic and Dean tries to break through the walls with brute strength, but both fail. Then Dean pulls out the grenade launcher he’s had all season, finally having a good reason to use it.

He blows a hole in the wall and it works. Dean is able to get out and unlock the Bunker, but he sustains a gnarly injury to his leg in the process.

Saving Mary

While the boys are trapped, Mr. Ketch sends the brainwashed Mary on a mission to kill American Hunters, including Jody Mills. But you should never underestimate Jody because, with an assist from Alex, she knocks Mary out and ties her up. Sam and Dean show up after they’re free, but unfortunately Toni was lying about being able to undo Mary’s brainwashing.

The boys have had enough of the British Men of Letters, so they call up a bunch of their fellow Hunters, even the ones who shot and killed them a few seasons ago. Sam gives a stirring hero’s speech about how they need to team up and fight back against the BMOL.

Because of his injury, Dean stays behind to try and save his mom. Dean, Mary and Toni head to the Bunker whre Toni helps let Dean enter his mom’s psyche so he can try to break down the walls and bring her back.

Inside her head, Dean is back in his childhood home when Mary was still alive, raising young Dean and baby Sam. Dean gets very emotional, saying that he hates his mom because her original deal with Azazel caused all of their problems. But he also loves her, forgives her and wants to start over.

Just as he’s getting through to her, he’s pulled out of her psyche by Mr. Ketch, who has come back to the Bunker and killed Toni. Dean and Ketch get into a great fight and just as Ketch pulls out a gun to shoot him, Mary shoots Ketch in the shoulder. Dean’s plan worked and the good Mary is back. And as Ketch said many times, she’s a killer. So she kills him.

The Hunter Rebellion

Sam leads Jody and the Hunters on a raid at the BMOL Base. It’s a big gun battle and the American Hunters kick a lot of ass, killing most of them. Sam and Jody find the boss, Dr. Hess. She tries to save herself by showing them that Crowley is dead, Lucifer is back and they need her help to stop him.

Sam declines and Jody gets to be the one who kills Dr. Hess. It’s awesome that the two strong women on this show, Mary and Jody, got to be the ones to kill Ketch and Hess. They leave and blow up the BMOL Base, though Dr. Hess’ mysterious bosses are still alive back in England.

Winchesters vs. Lucifer

With the BMOL destroyed and Mary back, the Winchesters can focus on finding and stopping Lucifer in the second hour. They call Rowena to get her help, but Lucifer picks up the phone. Apparently he killed her and burned her body, off-screen. Seriously? Rowena deserved better than that. She’s off the board, but as expected, Crowley is still alive. He transferred himself into that rat and then back into his body, after Lucifer’s demons buried him.

Crowley shows up at the Bunker and explains why he kept Lucifer around, but he’s also realized that he hates being the King of Hell. He promises to help trap Lucifer back in the Cage, and then he’ll close the Gates of Hell forever. The Winchesters find Cas and head off, but they leave Crowley behind because they don’t trust him.

Cas, the Baby and Another World

Cas and Kelly Kline are hiding out in a cottage by a lake in Washington until baby Jack is born. He promises to protect the baby and raise him to be a good person. However, some of the baby’s celestial energy leaks out and forms a glowing tear in the fabric of the universe.

Cas touches it and gets transported to an alternate dimension with red storm clouds and terrifying creatures. He’s saved by an unseen figure who Cas recognizes.

Cas gets back to the real world and Kelly has gone into labor. Sam, Dean and Mary show up, and while Mary takes care of Kelly, the boys go outside and see the rift. Cas explains that it’s a tear in space and time that leads to an alternate universe, sort of like Earth-2 on The Flash.

Sam, Dean and Cas go to Earth-2, a hellscape where humans are trapped in the middle of a war between angels and demons. A mysterious figure, the one who saved Cas, shows up and it’s…Bobby! YES! Bobby is back!

Bobby 2 doesn’t know the boys because in this universe, Sam and Dean were never born.  Bobby 2 is a total bad-ass and he even has a gun named Rufus with bullets made out of angel-killing blades.

The Plan to Trap Lucifer

Sam, Dean and Cas get back to the real world where Crowley and Lucifer shows up. The boys lure Lucifer into the alternate dimension where Crowley is going to cast a spell to close the rift, trapping Lucifer in the apocalypse world. However, the spell needs a life.

Crowley makes the ultimate sacrifice, killing himself for real to complete the spell. Holy crap, Crowley is dead! Sam and Dean escape back through the rift, but Cas enters the rift to fight Lucifer.

Very Tragic Endings

Cas comes back through the rift, but Lucifer follows him and stabs him with an angel blade. WTF, now Cas is dead?!?!?! This finale is insane.

Then Mary shows up and punches Lucifer with her Enochian brass knuckles, but he drags her into the lift just as it closes, trapping both Lucifer and Mary in the Apocalypse World.

As if that’s not all enough, Sam goes into the house to find that Kelly is dead and Jack has grown up very quickly. The yellow-eyed son of Lucifer is crouching in the corner.

Wow. Toni, Ketch, Hess, Rowena, Crowley, Cas and Kelly are all dead, Lucifer and Mary are trapped in another universe (with Bobby 2) and Jack is here. That may be the craziest final minutes of a Supernatural season ever.

Supernatural will return in the Fall for season 13, Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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