Jaha and ALIE are slowly taking over Polis on The 100. Kane and Pike arrive and each have to decide whether they’ll join the City of Light. Clarke and the others, meanwhile, continue to search for Luna to see if she’ll help them defeat ALIE. Will they be able to take ALIE down? Or will Jaha and ALIE recruit everyone?

Will Kane Join The City Of Light?

The 100’s “Join or Die” begins with a Grounder leading Pike and Kane through Polis. There are dead bodies strung up and blood on the streets. Obviously, things aren’t going well with the new Commander. They walk to a group of people and who do they see? Jackson and all the people who’ve joined the City of Light. Jaha and Ontari come out and start chipping people. Pike tries to fight them, but his own old followers are in the City of Light now. Jaha tries to get Pike to join. “We both know there’s no way in hell I’m taking that thing,” he says. So they pull a hood over his head and drag him away. Then Jaha and ALIE try to get Kane to join. But he throws the chip away. Then he gets dragged away. Abby tells Jaha she can take care of Kane, though.

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Abby has guards pretend to throw her into the same room as Kane. She tries to get information from Kane about Clarke. She claims that she was questioned for hours and that Clarke has something “they” want. ALIE’s watching and talking to Abby the whole time. She says they don’t have much time. So Abby tells Kane she’s afraid and starts making out with him. Kane stops it, though. He’s not an idiot. He knows she took the chip. So some guards come in and Abby orders them to put him on the cross. He refuses to take the key or tell them where Clarke and the others are, so they chain him to a cross and raise it up. It’s horrifying.

Kane continues to refuse to take the chip. Jaha says they’re out of time, so Kane tells him to shoot him. Instead, Jaha points his gun at Abby, so Kane agrees to take the key!

Pike’s Backstory

The 100 flashes back to six months earlier. Kane, Pike, Jaha and Abby all meet on the Ark. The others need to tell Pike something. Jaha tells him he needs him to teach the prisoners about wilderness survival and Abby explains that they’re sending them to the ground. Pike thinks this is a suicide mission, but their minds are made up. Still, if Abby’s willing to risk Clarke, the ground must be survivable. They then explain that Pike needs to teach the kids without telling them they’re going to the ground. Oh, and he has to do it in two weeks. Pike agrees and the kids come in right away. The whole gang’s there: Murphy, Jasper, Octavia, everyone. Clarke’s not in class, though, because she was put in solitary.

So Pike teaches the kids everything including making fire. Most of them don’t seem to pay much attention. And Murphy completely mocks him. Finally, Pike says the key to surviving is to “keep fighting at all costs against all odds. The minute you give up, you’re dead.” Pike asks Murphy if he’s bored, but Murphy says he’ll “survive.”

Eventually, Pike meets up with Jaha and they talk about Wells’ arrest. He’s going to solitary. Pike realizes Jaha doesn’t want Wells to tell people the Ark is dying. He wants Jaha to send him with the kids because they haven’t learned anything because they don’t care and have no reason to. He begs Jaha to let him tell them they’re going to the ground, but he refuses. Pike goes back to class. When Murphy tries to leave, Pike tells him he’s going to assist in the lesson. He starts hitting Murphy until he sits down. Then he says he knows Murphy’s story. His mother drank herself to death after his father floated for stealing medicine for him. And now he’s wasting his second chance. Then he beats Murphy up. He tells the group nobody’s going to help them. Finally, the other kids help right before Kane rushes in and yells at them. “This is graduation,” Pike says. “Congratulations. Class dismissed.”

In the end, the 100 are sent down to the ground. Abby puts a wristband on an unconscious Clarke and says, “What are we doing?” And she’s pissed at Kane.

Will Indra Get Her Revenge?

Pike is thrown into the same cell as Murphy and some others. A guard asks if any of them is ready to take the key, but nobody volunteers. Murphy tells Pike he told him he’d survive. Indra also happens to be in the cell. She, understandably, is pissed about Pike’s attack. So she starts cutting him up and nobody stops her.

Eventually Murphy gets up and yells at the group that Pike’s strong and they’re going to need him to fight their way out. The real enemy is Jaha and his army. Indra’s about to kill Pike, but then another woman speaks out. Indra needs to pick between revenge and her people surviving. “Both,” she says. “I’ll get my revenge, just not today.” Murphy still doesn’t like Pike, though. He says everything he learned, he learned on the ground, not from him.

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Will Luna Help Clarke and the Others?

Octavia, Clarke, Jasper and Bellamy are on their way to find Luna but their car battery is dying. Jasper rightfully wonders what will happen when they ask if they can put an AI in Luna’s head, but Octavia thinks she’ll help. They run into some problems with the car, so they have to go on foot. Luckily, they hear some water, which means there’s a village nearby. Bellamy thinks they might be hostile, but Octavia says they’re not. They make it to the village, but it’s all gone. That mean’s Luna’s gone too. And Octavia loses it.

Octavia uses the skills Pike had taught them and makes a fire while they try to come up with a plan. She’s also still pissed at Bellamy and says that every time she looks at him she sees Lincoln’s death. Bellamy says that Octavia didn’t take his help when he offered it, though, and walks away. Suddenly, Jasper breathes into the fire and it turns green. That gives Octavia an idea from Lincoln’s book. They can create a signal fire to contact Luna.

Clarke goes to talk to Bellamy, who is not interested in any help from her. He thinks he lost Octavia for good, but Clarke just says she just needs time. The real question is: Will Bellamy forgive himself? “Forgiveness is hard for us,” he says. He admits he was really pissed Clarke left, but he doesn’t want to be angry anymore. She tells him she’s trying to forgive herself too, but they need to work together.

Just then, some people come out of the water and grab them. They ask Octavia why they signaled. She asks for safe passage and says Lincoln sent them. So they let Clarke and Bellamy go and hand them all vials of something. The leader calls it “safe passage.” Octavia goes right ahead and drinks it and they all follow, which is a horrible, horrible idea. Soon, they all pass out.

Clarke and the others wake up in some sort of trailer with their weapons gone. Clarke still has the AI, though. The doors open and Luna walks in! They have to tell her Lincoln died but that he said she’d help. “Luna, you’re the last of your kind,” Clarke says. Clarke tries to give her the flame, but Luna’s sworn not to kill again. “To lead is your birthright, how you lead is your choice,” Clarke says. She gives Luna the flame, but Luna doesn’t agree to become the next Commander. Clarke and the others run out to follow her and see that they’re in the middle of the ocean.

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