After a poisoning misunderstanding, the Grounders and the Sky People finally formed their alliance on The 100, but Clarke’s quickly changing. She sent Bellamy to Mount Weather and admitted that caring is weakness. Monty, meanwhile, found out about the cages the Mountain Men had for all of them. Will Bellamy be able to save them on “Survival of the Fittest?” Will this alliance ever work?

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Octavia’s Breakthrough

Indra and the Grounders come to camp Jaha, and though they’ve officially formed an alliance, things are tense. Kane greets them and tells them that they’ll start with a reception then train. But first, he makes them give up their weapons.

Jaha’s not happy about this alliance. He thinks they’re going to die no matter what, but Kane thinks they need to all learn to share the land. So, they all go into the reception. Kane makes a grand speech about how they don’t have a lot in common, but they have a common enemy and goal and they need to work together.

But things aren’t going too well. Some of the Grounders are pissed at Murphy because he was there when Finn slaughtered their people and Murphy and a Grounder quickly get into a fight. It all deteriorates from there. Jaha looks smug and leaves.

Later, the Grounders show off their fighting skills. They’re seriously impressive. Then, Octavia volunteers, but Indra won’t let her. She’s not a warrior. 

Pretty soon, they start learning from each other. Kane offers to teach some of the Grounders about guns, but Indra doesn’t let them. “We don’t need your weapons,” she says. 

They’re scared of guns. Octavia explains that legend has it that if a Grounder picks up a gun, Mount Weather will kill a whole village. She understands them. She’s the key to them understanding each other.

They keep training until Indra announces they need to hunt because the camp has no food. Octavia stands in her way though. She wants to train. Finally Indra let’s her fight against another Grounder. He beats her easily, but she keeps fighting. Kane tells Indra to put an end to it, but Octavia keeps fighting back. Indra finally stops it and Kane helps Octavia up. He asks what she was trying to prove and she says, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Indra comes to talk to Octavia. She says that she fought like a child, but she didn’t give up. She wants Octavia to be her Warrior Second, or her apprentice. Her first lesson is to never question her. And Octavia’s in.

Finally, everyone at Camp Jaha and the Grounders bond over food. It’s exactly what they needed. Kane tells Octavia that it was all because of her. “You’re welcome. Don’t blow it,” she says. Then, Kane asks Octavia what’s going to happen once the alliance is over. He wants her to be a spy. “I’m asking you to look out for your people,” he says. “I am,” she replies and goes to sit with Indra.

Murphy and Jaha

Murphy is trapped inside cleaning as punishment for his fight and he and Jaha bond over their hatred for the Grounders. Jaha tells Murphy that he knew his son and begs him to take him to his grave. It’s really uncomfortable, but Murphy takes the gun from him and leads the way.

Jaha tries really hard to bond with Murphy and even calls him son, but Murphy tells him he’s the reason he’s not anybody’s son. Jaha says he remembers everyone he’s floated. Then, they finally make it to their old campsite and Murphy brings him to the graveyard.

Murphy gets impatient. Then he tells Jaha about what happened in season one of The 100. He was hanged for Wells’ murder. A 12-year-old killed Wells with Murphy’s knife because she couldn’t kill Jaha. This was his fault for sending them to Earth in the first place, but Jaha says their sacrifice brought them here. Good can come out of this.

They spend the night at the drop ship, but Murphy doesn’t trust why Jaha’s being so nice to him. He says Jaha didn’t care about them when he sent them down and he still doesn’t care about them now, but Jaha says “you have to sacrifice a few to save the many.” Murphy says that nothing good’s come from this. He’s still treated like dirt. But Jaha says that they’re really the same and there’s a place for them. He tells Murphy about the City of Light. He wants to find it. Of course he does. “I’m gonna find it, John. And once I do, I’m gonna come back and lead my people home.”

Jaha and Murphy wake up to see that others have gathered outside. They’re all going to the City of Light. Jaha wants Murphy to join them. And he does. This can’t be good.

Will This Alliance Ever Work?

Clarke, the Commander and the others have a meeting. They want to take the Mountain Men’s air away. Clarke keeps arguing against their ideas, and they’re all getting really frustrated. The Grounders want to use their army, but Clarke wants to wait for Bellamy to turn off the acid fog. One Grounder particularly hates her. Her fire killed his brother, but they attacked their ship. He refuses to be a part of the alliance. Clearly, they isn’t going smoothly. But did we really expect it to? The Commander says that Quint is right. Waiting for Bellamy isn’t a plan; it’s a prayer.

Clarke goes for a walk, but Quint’s been following and threatening her. Suddenly, he starts shooting at her. Clarke runs and runs and finally finds Major Byrne. She turns around and her arm’s missing! She tells Clarke to save herself and collapses. This went downhill fast.

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King Kong Attacks

Quint’s about to kill Clarke, but the Commander saves her in time. And she gives Clarke the kill. Clarke’s about to kill Quint when they hear a noise. It’s some kind of animal. The Commander stabs Quint and tells everyone else to run. Then the animal attacks him.

They run to hide, but they actually ran right into the animal’s feeding ground. This thing is terrifying and we haven’t even seen it yet. Finally, it jumps out. It’s King Kong! Or some kind of other big gorilla and it kills a Grounder. Man, The 100 really does have everything. They think they’ve killed it, but it won’t die. Clarke and the Commander keep running and they manage to escape, but the Commander’s hurt. They lock themselves in some cellar.

The Commander, Lexa, says that Clarke should have left her and leaders need to make hard choices. She didn’t kill Quint or leave the Commander behind. Clarke tells Lexa that she needs her because she can’t work with her generals if they become Commander in her place, but Lexa believes in reincarnation, and she thinks her spirit will choose wisely. Clarke can’t ask too many questions, though, because King Kong is back. They let the gorilla in, run out, and lock it in the cellar.

They rest, but they need to go. The cage won’t hold forever. First, though, Lexa says she was wrong about Clarke. Her heart shows no sign of weakness. Just then, Clarke gets an idea about Mount Weather. They don’t need to get into Mount Weather. They need Bellamy to get Lexa’s people out of their cages.

Bellamy’s Mission

Lincoln leads Bellamy to Mount Weather and tells him what happened to him there. Bellamy also tells Lincoln that he’s good for his sister and makes her strong. Lincoln says that she was already strong, but he protected her before he even knew her. When he was a boy, he saw a ship fall from the sky. He tried to help the man in the ship, but couldn’t. He told his father, and he made him kill him. He said that the world has been trying to turn him into a monster for a long time.

Lincoln says he remembers everything from being a Reaper. He’s disguising himself as a Reaper and pretending to take Bellamy into Mount Weather. They make it to the tunnels, but Lincoln starts to get nervous. 

They make their way through the caves and Lincoln has to crush a vial of drugs. They hear a bunch of Reapers and Lincoln freaks out and wants to leave. Bellamy convinces him that this is their only chance, and he’s finally taken with the other hostages to Mount Weather. But Lincoln takes the drug too. Bellamy starts fighting, but he’s dragged in.

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