I really have to wonder if moving the show’s main focus to New York can really save Glee. This latest episode has me pretty unconvinced, which is unfortunate. Perhaps it’s because the only conflict is between Kurt and Blaine. Perhaps it’s because the characters still act like high school kids. The only ones who seem to act like adults are Kurt and Rachel — and they explain it by saying they’ve been in New York longer. Huh? Yeah, I’m confused too. In addition to the Klaine conflict, Sam and Artie have trouble finding their way around the big city, Rachel gets a verbal slap in the face from Artie to knock her off her pedestal — sort of — and Mercedes moves to the East Coast to record her album.

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Things Get Too Close for Comfort in the Loft

It seems that after they all graduated, Artie, Sam and Blaine just moved into the loft with Rachel and Kurt (and I’m assuming Santana — though she’s not in this episode — perhaps she’s still on Lesbos Island?). It’s been a couple months since graduation and Kurt is feeling suffocated, not only by Sam, who has outstayed his welcome, but by his finance. While at first he’s loving having Blaine serve him breakfast every morning and waking up next to him, he soon feels trapped when Blaine changes his schedule to be in six of Kurt’s eight classes. Though that doesn’t stop them from singing “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Frank Sinatra to show how happy they try to be.

It all comes to a head, though, when Kurt gets some guidance from Elliott at their One Three Hill (minus Dani) practice. I have to say, their rendition of “Rockstar” by A Great Big World is fun and maybe the best of the episode. When Kurt gets home, he’s even more frustrated that Blaine is rearranging more furniture. And of course, Blaine gets pissed that Kurt was hanging out with Elliott. He heads over to confront Elliott, who not only assures Blaine that he doesn’t want to be with Kurt, but also gives him sound advice.

In the end, Blaine and Kurt agree that Blaine needs to move out to strengthen their relationship. They both realize moving in together so quickly after Blaine moved to New York didn’t give him a chance to experience the city and make a niche for himself. Something very adult to do actually, and probably the only real moment in the episode.

Trying to Fit In

Meanwhile, Artie and Sam are having trouble adjusting to city life. Sam hasn’t gotten any modeling jobs, so he just sits around in the loft playing video games. After a chat and a song with Blaine (American Authors’ “Best Day of My Life), he cuts his hair, books a gig with Bubble — the booty-enhancing underwear for men — and decides to move in with the agency’s other models. However, he quickly leaves after he sees all the models are pill-popping crazies.

And just when Artie finally gets the hang of living in the city with his wheelchair, he gets mugged on the subway by a man on crutches. He’s devastated and refuses to take the subway anymore. But after a fight and make-up session with Rachel, he gets his confidence back. And miraculously sees his mugger on another subway one day and gets his stuff bag. While I want to say this would never happen in real life, I feel like stranger things have happened in New York City.

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Still Doing the Diva Thing

Rachel gets even more diva-like as her show producer gives her a town car to use whenever she pleases. But all it takes is Artie’s mugging and a stern talking-to from him for her to realize that she can’t be a real Broadway star New Yorker without real life experience. So she quickly gets rid of the town car and vows to stick with her friends to keep her more grounded, perhaps?

And Mercedes is back! She plans to record her album in New York to be closer to her friends. She comes back just in time too, as Blaine and Sam still need a place to stay.

The other three songs aren’t very impressive, which are Petula Clark’s “Downtown” and “Don’t Sleep in the Subway,” and “People” from Funny Girl.

I really had high hopes for this week’s episode of Glee, and I was pretty disappointed. I like when there’s conflict and witty banter. It seems that without Santana and Sue Sylvester, the show lacks both those qualities. And as much as the McKinley storylines were getting old, I do want to know what’s happening with Mr. Schue and the “new kids.” Okay, I don’t care too much, but it’s weird to just not even address them.

I wasn’t really into the songs this week, either. And it was weird that the first three songs were performed within the first 15 minutes of the show. Oh well. I really did enjoy Adam Lambert as Elliott again, though. He’s probably my favorite part of the season. He has really found his niche in Glee, which is great for the show. I just wish they would showcase him more. Plus, his songs bring more life to the screen too.

I think at the end of the day, even though I want them to act like adults, I have to realize that they are kids right out of high school, so they are going to do dumb, annoying things. Most freshmen in college do act naive and get a dose of reality at some point. I guess in that aspect, I do like Glee. I just think I’m getting tired of the characters.

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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