Tonight marks the first New York-centric episode since Glee transitioned away from McKinley High.

In “New New York,” a few months have passed since the shuttering of the glee club in last week’s episode. Not only are Blaine and Sam living with Kurt, but Artie has to deal with some challenges being in a wheelchair in the Big Apple. And Mercedes is on the east coast as well because she’s continuing work on her album.

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FOX has released a clip from tonight’s episode, featuring Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Artie and Sam performing Petula Clark’s classic “Downtown.” While we don’t know the context of this performance, it seems like it’ll be the episode’s opener.

In the video, we see the gang making their way through New York City. (It’s interesting that Rachel’s the only one who takes a car — she’s about to be a star, so of course she has to take a car instead of walking!) Kurt comes up from the subway station to meet up with Blaine, who’s grabbing coffee for the two of them. And Artie and Sam are together going through a park. By the end, they’re all together.

I have a few questions: at the end when Rachel shows up, how come Sam’s jaw drops open? Is he impressed that Rachel has a nice car to be driven around in? (Regardless, it’s kind of a delayed response.) Kurt has an odd expression as well.

And when Rachel hugs Kurt, I’m wondering if the time jump has already happened or if this is right after they all arrive back in New York? If the latter, did they all take separate flights? I ask because why would they be meeting up like that? This is Glee, so not everything’s going to make sense, I guess.

The other songs featured in the episode are “Rockstar,” “You Make Me Feel So Young,” “Best Day of My Life,” “Don’t Sleep in the Subway” and “People.” 


What did you think of the performance? Did you have some of the same questions as I did? And are you excited that the show is now full-time in New York?

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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