On the winter premiere of Suits, “Blowback,” Harvey’s resignation complicates Mike’s case, Rachel turns to her father for help and Jessica is forced to fend off another attack by Soloff.

When we last saw Mike Ross, he was being arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud and dragged off in handcuffs just as he was about to walk off into the sunset with Rachel. Jessica retained her job thanks to Harvey who had finally decided to resign.

Mike Does the Math

Mike meets the woman that plans to take him down, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) who wastes no time in reminding Mike, and viewers, just how effed he is. Mike worked on 88 cases, and every time he picked up the phone, signed a letter or appeared in court, he was committing fraud. Each instance carries a nine-month sentence. She’s too tired to do the math, but Mike isn’t. There’s a cap of one count per case, so Mike could go away for 66 years, and he won’t be so pretty when he gets out.

If Mike cooperates, Gibbs will go easy on him. Mike says he’ll confess, but he wants the whole thing on tape.

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Harvey and Jessica Make a Decision

Rachel runs to Harvey and tells him about Mike. Harvey is ready to fund his boy’s rescue but gets stopped in his tracks by Jessica. She points out that Harvey, Rachel and herself are all un-indicted co-conspirators which means none of them can afford to be near Mike.

A frustrated Rachel heads to the jail, leaving Jessica and Harvey to debate how to proceed. Jessica insists that Harvey has to rip up his letter of resignation. Harvey points out that if he crosses Forstman, the guy will join back up with Hardman and pick the firm apart.

Jessica says that if whoever is prosecuting Mike’s case finds out Harvey resigned the same night he was arrested, they might as well go turn themselves in.

Jessica agrees to let Harvey serve as Mike’s lawyer, but he needs to be covert, because she’s not telling anyone he resigned.

Robert Zane Confronts Mike

As scared as Mike has been of getting caught, he’s not crumbling to pieces. Once Gibbs has set up the videotape, ready to get her confession, Mike balks. He asked to see his lawyer two hours earlier, so anything he’s said in the meantime is inadmissible. It also means Gibbs has violated his rights.

Now this information is on tape, and Gibbs has to prove she made every effort to contact Mike’s lawyer and couldn’t. Mike may think he has gained the upper hand, but Gibbs is way ahead of our boy. She lets Mike know that his lawyer has been in the building for a half hour, there was just confusion about what room Mike was in. But when she opens the door, it’s Robert Zane who enters, not Harvey.

Rachel called her dad for help, and all Robert wants to know is if Mike is guilty, knowing full well what the answer is. Robert may not give a shit what happens to Mike, but he does love his daughter, so he’s going to try and get Mike out of this mess.

Mike’s out involves turning on Harvey, and he swears he won’t do it. Robert insists this is Mike’s only chance to save his miserable life, but Mike won’t take the lifeline, and Robert tells him he’s on his own.

Harvey’s tries to get in to see Mike and is a bit confused to hear that Mike’s already with his lawyer. Things become clear soon enough when Robert runs into Harvey on the way out, and he’s got some choice words for the man who put his daughter’s future in jeopardy.

Harvey defends Mike and his own actions, but Robert has nothing to say other than he hopes to never see either Harvey or Mike again.

A Privileged Conversation

Harvey is ready to fight the good fight, but the bravado Mike showed Gibbs is gone. Not only does he think there’s no getting out of this, but the truth is, he’s guilty.

Harvey is looking at the situation from a different perspective. Mike is in the Harvard database, he has transcripts, he’s in the bar and he’s a practicing attorney. Those facts are real, just like all the cases he worked and all the people he’s helped. They don’t need to prove Mike’s a lawyer, Gibbs has to prove he’s not.

Rachel is unhinged, and it’s up to Donna to try and talk her off the ledge. Louis broke the news, and Donna’s first instinct was to rush to Harvey and Mike’s aid, but Louis warned her that could do more harm than good. So now she’s trying to convince Rachel that Harvey will help Mike. He came through for Donna when she was in trouble, and Donna has no doubt Harvey will save his Boy Wonder.

Mike Gets a Warning

Mike gets gets put in a cell with a guy in a wife beater who threatens to kick his ass, but the man is actually a Federal Marshal. Mike recognized him from a picture hanging on the wall when he was brought in. Mike knows Gibbs was just trying to strong arm a confession, and he didn’t take the bait.

That plan may not have worked, and Mike says even if he does get sent away it wont be to pound your ass prison. The Marshal tells Mike that if he thinks he’ll wind up in “Club Fed,” he doesn’t know Anita Gibbs.

Robert Tries to Protect Rachel

Robert goes to see Rachel and questions how she could get herself in this situation. Her answer is that she loves Mike. Like Harvey, Rachel tries to convince her dad that Mike is a good guy, but all Robert sees is a criminal. His objective is to get Rachel to cut Mike loose, and when she refuses, he says there’s nothing he can do to help her.

Harvey Cuts a Deal

The next morning, Harvey has his first run in with Anita Gibbs. He tells her off the record that Mike was going to resign, so if her primary interest is getting Mike out of the courtroom, the letter of resignation should be enough to get Gibbs to waive the charges, especially if Mike promises to never do it again.

Gibbs is willing to cut a deal but not the one Harvey wants. If Harvey produces the document, she’ll waive Mike’s bail. Harvey pushes for more, but she doesn’t budge. Harvey can take that deal, or she’ll make sure Mike sits in jail. After all, if he can hack into the bar association, what’s to stop him from leaving the country?

Soloff Prepares Another Attack

Jack Soloff just got his ass handed to him but sees another opportunity to dethrone Jessica now that Mike’s been arrested. Either she had to know or is clueless as to what’s going on underneath her nose at her own firm. He threatens to vote her out, again, but Jessica says attacking the firm’s leadership during a crisis might not be a smart move. Jack will look like a bottom-feeder, and even if the partners vote her out, they won’t vote him in.

Donna Learns the Truth

Harvey calls in “sick,” and Donna goes to his apartment. He’s never taken a sick day in his life, much less when his protege just got arrested. Harvey explains that he can’t be seen at the office because he resigned, and not because of Mike, because of Forstman.

Donna can’t believe Harvey would leave under these circumstances, but he assures her he isn’t leaving anyone, he’s representing Mike. Harvey is concerned the bail hearing isn’t going to go smoothly and tasks Donna with retrieving something for him.

Harvey Gets Blindsided

Gibbs waives bail but still manages to blindside Harvey. She request that the judge remove Harvey as Mike’s attorney. Her grounds are that they worked together to defraud the bar association, their clients and the people of the United States.

When Harvey demands proof, Gibbs produces Mike’s letter, stating Harvey and Mike conspired to fabricate it. The two concocted the story under the guise of attorney-client privilege. Harvey tells Gibbs he gave her the letter in good faith, but she replies Harvey gave her the letter in an attempt to get her to drop the charges against his co-conspirator.

The judge calls the squabbling attorneys into her chambers. Mike’s photographic memory gets him and Harvey out of this jam. Gibbs denies violating Mike’s rights and says there’s no tape to prove the allegation, but Mikey remembers the serial number of the camera. Gibbs has no choice but to remove her motion, and Mike is free to go and keep Harvey as his attorney.

Donna Takes a Stand

Jessica lets Louis into the loop, and he’s not happy, but she’s got a task to keep him busy. She wants Louis to figure out a way to keep Jack Soloff off her ass.

Louis goes looking for Donna and finds her with Mike’s employment records. He told her to stay away from Mike’s case, but Donna doesn’t care. Louis warns Donna there will come a time when she will have to choose between herself and Harvey and Mike, and he’s not going to let her throw her life away for either one of them.

Until they come for her, if Mike and Harvey need her help, Donna is going to give it to them. And if Louis has a problem with that, he might as well fire her.

Jessica Faces Another Foe

Robert comes to Jessica and asks her to fire Rachel but she refuses. Robert knows it’s because it will only make Mike look guilty. Robert paints Jessica a bleak picture when it comes to the future of her firm. People will be coming at her from places she didn’t even know existed, and he’s going to enjoy every second of it.

Now that Mike is out of jail, it’s time to start playing offense. The first order of business is to sit down in a room and compile a list of every person who knew the truth.

Blasts from the Past

Harvey’s first stop on the “True Confessions Tour” is Scottie. She can’t believe Harvey could think she would do such a thing. He doesn’t, but Mike isn’t convinced, so Harvey promised he would look her in the eye and ask.

Scottie is pissed, and things only get worse when she realizes Harvey wants to make sure she’s going to keep her mouth shut. Scottie blames Mike for the demise of her romance with Harvey, and she’s got some very hard feelings. So she’s not willing to give Harvey any reassurance.

Mike has a similar conversation with Trevor. Trevor denies turning Mike in, but he doesn’t want to lie for him either. Mike suggests Trevor consider it making up for all the ways he’s screwed him over. Trevor agrees but just for the good of his own family, not as a way to make amends.

Gibbs Gets Closer to the Truth

Gibbs finds Harvey at his gym. She wants to know if he still works at the firm, because she went by the office to possibly strike a deal, and he wasn’t there. Not to mention Gretchen was cagey about when Harvey would be back.

Gibbs now believes that Jessica found out about Mike, and forced them both to resign. Harvey doesn’t give her anything to work with, so she goes in for the kill. Maybe Jessica did know, in which case, maybe Harvey will turn on her. Harvey tells Gibbs to get lost, but she doesn’t leave without making one final threat. If she finds out Harvey resigned, that’s evidence he’s a co-conspirator, and she’ll put him behind bars.

Louis Makes a Sacrifice

Louis is having a hard time. He suggests to Jessica that he become managing partner to get the heat off her, at least until things calm down. Jessica sees this as a power play pure and simple and it doesn’t sit well. She reminds him he’s just as guilty as the rest of them.

Feeling the sting of Jessica’s reprimand, Louis fires Donna. It’s the only way she can help Harvey and Mike without compromising herself.

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Loyalties are Questioned

Mike arrives home, and Rachel tells him her father was there.Gibbs offered to drop all of the charges if Mike turned on Harvey. Mike questions if Rachel considered that Mike should take the deal, and she says yes. He questions if Rachel would do that to him, he’s disgusted she would even consider stabbing Harvey in the back. Rachel defends herself, stating how terrified she is he could go to prison, but Mike wonders if she’s really scared that she might not stick around.

Harvey arrives in the midst of the fight and drops the bomb that Gibbs suspects Harvey is no longer working for the firm. He picks up on the tension, and Rachel tells him about the deal. Harvey doesn’t blink an eye, informing them Gibbs tried the same tact with him.

Harvey wants to focus on how to return to the firm without Forstman finding out. Mike says it doesn’t matter if Harvey gets his job back if Forstman doesn’t have someone inside.

The Tide Begins to Turn

Mike goes to see Soloff and gives him an ultimatum. If Jack doesn’t stop coming after Harvey and Jessica, he’s going admit Soloff knew Mike was a fraud the whole time. This means Soloff can’t let Forstman know Harvey is coming back to work, or Mike will follow through on his threat.

After hearing that Louis let Donna go so she could help Harvey, they make nice. Rachel swears to Mike that they will get through this, and if he goes to jail, she’ll be waiting when he gets out.But the biggest news, by far, is that Donna and Harvey are back together again.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA.

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