On The 100 Season 2 Mid-Season finale, a major character was killed and while his death was devastating, how it happened was more tragic than the death itself. In order to save Finn from suffering the deaths of the 18 people he killed at the hands of the Grounder, Clarke knifed him out of mercy.

BuddyTV talked to Eliza Taylor about Finn’s death and what led up to the killing and insight into Clarke’s decision. 

When Clarke left the confines of Camp Jaha, she believed there was a way to save Finn. She went as a “last ditch effort to talk some sense into [Lexa],” said Taylor. When Clarke took the knife from Raven, Finn wasn’t her target.

“Yeah, I absolutely think she intended to kill Lexa. I think when she arrives and sees it from the other side she knows that it’s not an option.” Clarke decided to help Finn the only way she could.

“It’s more so that he doesn’t suffer. She realizes that there’s no way out of this situation and it’s a mercy kill,” explained Taylor.

Taylor previously spoke with a group of reporters from the set when they were filming the mid-season premiere, “Remember Me.” She discussed filming The 100 Season 2 Episode 10, Clarke’s emotional state, Clarke’s dark turn and discussed deaths on the show.

When we see Clarke again, Taylor said, “It’s the most emotional and messed up that she’s ever been.”

The 100 returns on Wednesday, January 21 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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