When The Flash returns, Barry will be reunited with one of his greatest foes, Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and he won’t be coming back on his own. Miller will be reunited on the small screen with his Prison Break co-star Dominic Purcell playing Heat Wave.

In October, BuddyTV was on location during the filming of The Flash Season 1 Episode 10 titled, “Revenge of the Rogues.” Purcell sat down with reporters to discuss portraying Heat Wave, the action, the relationship between Captain Cold and Heat Wave, and more!

The Flash Interview: Wentworth Miller on Playing Complex Villain, Captain Cold

We also had the opportunity to speak with Miller who described the relationship between Captain Cold and Heat Wave, “I think everyone is potentially a pawn as far as Cold is concerned.”

“Cold is a solitary, lone wolf kind of character and may occasionally enjoy having some company. There is a push-pull between the two. They aren’t friends, but they do have a kind of intimacy and that’s been fun to explore.”

For more check out the video interview with Dominic Purcell and highlights below.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Heat Wave arrives with a “bang” and is immediately involved in the action.¬†
  • He’s not introduced as the man behind the Heat Wave persona initially.
  • The experience was like “doing a comic book movie each week.”
  • Miller and Purcell will be returning to The Flash after this episode.
  • They target The Flash because “they just don’t like good guys.”
  • Captain Cold “is in charge” and has to rein in Heat Wave. They do have a moral code.
  • Purcell doesn’t consider Heat Wave to be “evil.”
  • Heat Wave has a tragic past. He was severely burnt.
  • It took a couple hours in make-up to create the burned look. It’s “payback” for the time Miller spent in the chair on Prison Break.

The Flash returns on Tuesday, January 20 at 8pm ET on the CW.

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