Break out the tissues. Most Parenthood episodes usually end in tears, but they are pulling out all the stops in the remaining few of the series. Starting with the 100th episode, you will cry during every commercial break. This week picks up right where we left the Braverman clan last year, with Zeek having a heart attack and Joel kissing Julia. While the family rallies together at the hospital to find out what happens with Zeek, Julia must face her now-growing feelings for Joel again. Meanwhile, Adam and Crosby have to deal with a Luncheonette break-in, and Hank makes a big, awkward decision.

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Another Health Scare for Zeek

Zeek is rushed to the hospital after another heart attack. One by one, Adam, Crosby, Sarah and Julia arrive to sit with Camille and wait for the news from the doctor. As the day goes on, all of their significant others show up, including Joel and Hank. The ER doctor comes out to tell them that while Zeek is stabilized, he’s not out of the woods yet. They will bring him to the ICU and wait for his doctor to show up.

A few hours later, the doctor shows up and says that after he responds better to the medical therapy, they will decide the next course of action. However, while they visit him in the ICU, Zeek has another heart attack and doctors have to put stents in. After that, he responds well.

Of course, while he’s better now, he has some big decisions to make. The doctor explains that he has three options. One, he can have another surgery, but his heart may not be strong enough. Two, he can opt out of the surgery but risk another heart attack, stroke, blood clots or worse. Or three, just take some time and think about the options and then decide. He obviously picks three. Later on, he and Camille decide they will make the decision together and not involve the children.

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Will They Stay Or Will They Go?

While at the hospital, Adam gets a call that there was a break-in at the Luncheonette. During some down time at the hospital, he and Crosby head over to the studio to find that it’s ransacked and all of their equipment is gone.

Adam talks to the insurance company and finds out that they either take the money and start over or cash out, pay off their debts and each still walk away with a lump sum. After talking it over with their spouses, Adam, of course, still wants out, but Crosby wants to start up again. I’m sure this will be a bigger issue in the remaining episodes.

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Hank Gets Awkward… Again

Feeling helpless after Sarah just leaves him in the middle of the night to rush to the hospital, he offers to help. She asks him to pick up Drew and bring him to the hospital. He does and it’s just awkward in the car. It gets even more awkward at the hospital, as Hank just wants to stay and help, getting jealous that Joel is there. Each time he offers, he gets shot down. That is until Drew finally opens up to him and Hank offers some sound advice.

Later on, Hank proposes to Sarah in the parking lot outside the hospital. She’s obviously taken aback and doesn’t have an answer, so he says she can think about it and they agree to talk about it at another time.

Meanwhile, Julia, who comes straight to the hospital from Joel’s bed, refuses to talk about what’s going on with them, but calls him her husband when they head in to see her father. And the ladies throw Amber a mini baby shower in the hospital cafeteria, where they each offer her advice about motherhood.

Talk about a tear-jerker. But I have a feeling we’ll all be crying for the next few weeks until the series finale of Parenthood. I was a little upset they didn’t really touch on my favorite will-they-won’t-they storyline of Joel and Julia. Now that we know they’ve slept together, what does it all mean? We’ve always known that Julia didn’t want the divorce, but it’s got to annoy her that she’s finally OK with it and now he wants her back. But it would just be really easy if they got back together. Plus Zeek would be really happy about that too. And after all, it is all about Zeek.

I have a theory about the Luncheonette break-in. And I would say I’m about 99.5 percent wrong, but I had a brief moment when I thought that maybe Adam staged the whole break-in to cash out on the insurance money. He’s wanted out for a very long time, and this would be the easy route if he doesn’t get caught. But, Parenthood really doesn’t dabble in crime, so as I said, I doubt this will be the case.

So, in the next few weeks, someone has to die, Amber has to have her baby, Haddie needs to come back, Max needs to get the girl and they need to decide the Luncheonette’s future. Looks like the Bravermans have their work cut out for them, and we have a lot of tears to shed.

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10pm on NBC.

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