The 100 haven’t had an easy time since landing on Earth, but most of them are still alive. They’ve built a safe camp to live in and found both food and water. The biggest threat so far has been discord among themselves: Wells was killed, Charlotte committed suicide, and Murphy’s been banished.

It hasn’t all been bad. Finn and Clarke found comfort in each other arms. Though, that happiness could be short-lived with Finn’s girlfriend headed to Earth! Check out the exclusive photo of Finn and Raven’s reunion. Yes, she makes it to Earth!

I spoke with Thomas McDonell (Finn) on the phone about Finn’s love life, the grounders, and how Finn’s role within the group will evolve. Read on for edited excerpts of our conversation.

Finn’s adventurous and free spirit nature has allowed him to acclimate easily to Earth. Does that continue to be an asset or does that end up causing him some trouble?

It does both. Good observation. It’s a big part of who he is and helps him out in a way, but also the curiosity that kills his cat. He gets into some trouble. 

Is that something that happens with other people or the environment?

You learn at the end of the very first episode that they aren’t alone on Earth. Because of Finn’s expeditions outside of their camp, he comes into contact with the other people who are around. And, that’s problematic. It’s complicated how it shakes down. It has to do with meeting other people. 

The grounders haven’t been much of a problem so far outside of the Jasper situation, does that change?

Big time. It sort of changes right around this episode that’s about to air and then it changes completely again in a few episodes. 

Finn and Clarke hooked up! Does he have true feelings for her? Or was it a heat of the moment thing?

I think he’s had feelings for her since he first started to get to know her. She’s extremely attractive to him, but he’s also conflicted because of his life in space and what happened before. It’s tricky because — to arrive on Earth in this brand new situation. Everything is new and so it’s hard to keep it totally correct compass happening.

Raven’s on the way to Earth. Does her arrival create personal complications? Or does their need to survive trump any emotion issues?

Raven is really cool, but she’s not that cool. It creates a big problem. And not just for Raven, Finn and Clarke, but sort of for others also.

She’s in conflict with some of the other 100?

Yeah. She does.

The 100 Finn and Raven.jpg

What’s the biggest challenge for Finn over the next few episodes?

What happens with Finn is that when you first meet him, you understand him to be this very free and adventurous type, and he’s kinda famous for that and respected within the 100, that group of delinquents, but his character does a very serious transformation that has to do with taking on responsibility.

So he gets tamed a little?

Yeah, he sort of has to decide whether he’s okay with being on his own and doing what he pleases — which is something that he thinks that everyone should be able to do if they want — or picking up more responsibility as it relates to the survival of the whole group.

Does he take more of a leadership role then? So far we’ve seen it be primarily be Bellamy and Clarke —

It will sort of remain, but it’s like Finn has another conflict happening within himself also. He’s not the leader-type that Clarke is or the ambitious sort of despot-type that Bellamy is, but he starts to feel that he should act more. Lead more.

It seems that Finn would be a calming force between the different sides and be a good negotiator. What kind of leader is he?

What you said is exactly what sort of happens by the end of season. He sort of becomes a liaison not only between the two warring camps inside of the 100, but a liaison to the outside.

The grounders have left the 100 alone. They hurt Jasper, but healed him. Are the first interactions based on fear?

You might start to wonder what do the grounders have to be afraid of? Are they lawless savage animal types? Or is there a real system to their society or what it is that might threaten them is so mysterious and you start to learn more about that as time goes on.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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