NSFW: A look at 10 of the most uncomfortable and disturbing sex scenes from True Blood.

#10 Jason Gets a Helping Hand

In one of the more psychologically twisted storylines, Jason’s enrollment in the Fellowship of the Sun reached an uncomfortable level when the reverend’s wife walked in on Jason taking a bath and gave him a “helping hand.” It proved that not all disturbing sex scenes need to be physically repellent.   


#9 Sam and Bill

Things got weird and weirder when Sam had a sex dream about Bill that played out like cheesy slash fan fiction and left a very unsettling and lasting image.   


#8 Eric’s Revenge

How far would you go for revenge? Eric got naked and had sex with a male vampire for just that purpose, using a wooden stake to cause a little coitus interruptus that was bloody and disgusting.   


#7 Jason and the Women with Holes in Their Heads

Usually the idea of Jason Stackhouse with a pair of horny college girls would be a good thing. But after shooting Eggs, all Jason could see were giant bullet holes in the girls’ foreheads, which is a major mood killer.   

#6 Tara and Franklin

Tara has been in some pretty bad relationships, but the crazy Franklin Mott takes the cake, having sex with her and forcing her to bite him and drink from his jugular in a gruesome display of sex and blood.   

#5 Jason in the Trash

In season 1 Jason would have sex anywhere, anytime. When Tara found him in the middle of the act in the alley behind Merlotte’s she dumped garbage all over him and his female companion. Disturbingly, that didn’t stop them one bit.   

#4 Bill and Sookie in the Dirt

Dirty in every sense of the word, Sookie found Bill sleeping in the ground, brought him back and proceeded to have sex right there with the naked vampire covered in soil.   


#3 Jason’s S&M Adventure

Right from the beginning True Blood announced its disturbing sexual intentions with Jason’s rough, sadomasochistic sex with Maudette Pickens, a fangbanger who liked to be chained up and choked while watching videos of herself having sex with a vampire.   

#2 Bill Turns Lorena’s Head

Most guys joke about putting a paper bag over a woman’s heads during sex, but for Bill, he simply grabbed Lorena’s head and twisted it 180 degrees to avoid having to look at her. I guess turning her over would’ve been too much work.   


#1 Bill and Lorena in the 1920s

In the 1920s Bill and his maker, Lorena, found a rich couple, murdered them, drank their blood, then made love on the blood-soaked sheets with the fresh corpses right beside them. It was a scene so horrific and explicit that, like the bloody sheets, my memory is forever stained.


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