Monalisa became known to viewers as Shy on Flavor of Love 3.  Unfortunately, her exposure on the reality dating show had stained her reputation as the loud-mouthed and bad-breathed instigator who tried to win Flavor Flav’s heart but to no avail.  On the other hand, her recent elimination has finally liberated her from all the drama in the mansion and has made it possible for her to return to her “true self.”

According to Shy, everything she did on the show was just an act.  And although she lasted seven weeks on Flavor of Love, her time on the show was not enjoyable.  In fact, she had to deal with the negative energy from all the catfights and had to distance herself from her true personality as she took on the name given to her by Flavor Flav.

“Basically, I am a true actress and I took that character in and became Shy.  I had a little something of me, but I became that character.  I was confused.  I was getting mixed signals from Flav…Shy is the negative character of who I am and I made that character live.  I tapped into a character instead of showing my true swagger,” Shy explained.

“It was a really hellish experience for me.  I had to shake the Shy character off.  It took me like two months,” she added.

Although Shy didn’t regret her reality TV stint, as this was her entry point to the world of show business, she feels that the Flavor Flav has already tainted her career by eliminating her because of her smelly mouth.

“I knew what I had to take care of with my teeth even before the show.  I have never smelled my breath like the way he says it, and no one else I’m around has.  I think it came from Bee-Ex and Hotlanta starting the rumor at the roast.  That’s when everything about my breath kicked off.  He took it all the way to the end and that’s some real gutter stuff.  I’ll go out and be the girl with the stinky breath.  That was Shy.  I’m Monalisa,” she said in attempt to redeem herself.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: VH1
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Kris De Leon

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